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Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 20:37 sendEmail 1.56


SendEmail is a lightweight, completely command line-based SMTP email delivery program. If you have the need to send email from a command prompt this tool is perfect. It was designed to be used in bash scripts, Perl programs, and Web sites, but it is also quite useful in many other contexts. It is written in Perl, and is unique in that it requires no special modules, and supports any platform that runs Perl. It has a straightforward interface, making it very easy to use.

Changes: This release fixes password authentication bugs that have plagued many users. It has better detection of HTML messages, and a new command line option for forcing the message to be sent as plain text or HTML.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 20:37 libx1f4l2 0.20090928


libx1f4l2 is a data structures library. Featured are self balancing BSTs and self balancing BST backed lists. The BST (binary search tree) backed lists are all-purpose lists, allowing for sequential and random access. The complexity for most operations is log(N), including reading, inserting, and deleting, random or sequential.

Changes: Red/black, parent pointer red/black, and parent pointer AA trees have been added. The demo/test programs have been improved and sped up.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 20:36 clive 2.2.7


clive is a command line utility for extracting videos from Youtube and other video sharing Web sites. It was originally written to bypass the Adobe Flash requirement needed to view the hosted videos.

Changes: This release fixes --format=best for Youtube and adds support for the fmt34 format.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 20:36 cclive 0.5.2


cclive is a lightweight commandline video extraction tool for Youtube and similar video Websites. It is a rewrite of the clive software in C++ with a smaller system footprint and fewer dependencies. It is primarily a "video download tool", but can be used with video player software like "mplayer" for viewing streamed videos in place of the Adobe flash player.

Changes: This release fixes a number of issues with some of the supported Web sites and makes tweaks to the autotools scripts.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 20:33 cinit 0.3pre16


cinit is a fast executing, small, and simple init with support for profiles. It is aware of dependencies and executes processes in parallel.

Changes: This release re-integrates cinit-conf, merges the READE and the cinit Web site, cleans up bin/ (executables can now be installed), and cleans up the top level directory.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 20:23 Totem 2.28.1


Totem is the official movie player for GNOME. It is based on either xine-lib or gstreamer, supporting any formats that these backends support. It features a playlist, a full-screen mode, seek and volume controls, as well as a pretty complete keyboard navigation system.


Changes: Many changes were made since the last announcement.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 20:23 Class Library for Numbers 1.3.1


Class Library for Numbers (CLN) is a library for computations with all kinds of numbers. Its rich set of number classes includes integers, rational numbers, floating-point numbers, complex numbers, modular integers, and univariate polynomials. It implements elementary functions (also with unlimited precision), logical functions, and transcendental functions. It is designed for memory and speed efficiency as well as interoperability.


Changes: Basic support for Renesas SH was added. A crash in double_approx(cl_RA) on 64-bit platforms was fixed.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 20:21 pyOBD 0.9.1


pyOBD is an OBD-II compliant car diagnostic tool. It is designed to interface with low-cost ELM 32x OBD-II diagnostic interfaces such as ELM-USB. It will basically allow you to talk to your car's ECU, display fault codes, measure values, read status tests, etc. All cars made since 1996 (in the US) or 2001 (in the EU) must be OBD-II compliant, i.e. they should work with pyOBD.

Changes: Initial freshmeat announcement.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 20:14 Python bsddb3 4.8.0


Python bsddb3 is a Python module that provides a nearly complete wrapping of the Oracle/Sleepycat C API for the database environment, database, cursor, sequence, and transaction objects, and each of these is exposed as a Python type in the bsddb3.db module. The database objects can use various access methods: btree, hash, recno, and queue. It has complete support for Berkeley DB distributed transactions, and complete support for the Berkeley DB Replication Manager and base replication API. The goal is to mirror most of the real Berkeley DB API.

Changes: Support for Berkeley DB 4.8. More complete compatibility with Python 3.1. XA Resource Manager and RPC were deleted from BDB 4.8, so the bindings are updated to reflect that.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 18:22 JumpBox for the Foswiki Wiki System 1.1.2


Foswiki is a wiki system that is notable for its approachability for non-technical users and its ability to store content in a structured fashion. Running JumpBox for the Foswiki Wiki System allows you to be up and running with this software in minutes on any operating system. It carries other benefits such as portability across computing environments, a Web-based admin console to simplify administration, and a built-in automated backup system to protect your work. Once you've deployed one JumpBox, you'll be able to deploy any of over 50 open source applications regardless of the underlying technologies utilized.

Changes: This release has been updated to Foswiki 1.0.7. Restoring from 1.1.0 and newer JumpBox backups should work. This is a minor bugfix and improvement release that includes fixes for several XSS vulnerabilities.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 18:20 Q Light Controller 3.0.2


QLC, the Q Light Controller, is used to control DMX and analog lighting equipment like scanners, dimmers, and other effects. The goal is to produce free software that replaces hardware lighting desks.


Changes: Crash bugs in MIDI input and the MIDI output plugin were fixed. The Linux binary release was compiled with Qt 4.4.3 to make plugins work with older Qt library versions than the bleeding edge 4.5.2 version.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 18:18 EiffelStudio


EiffelStudio is an IDE for the Eiffel language (ECMA-367, ISO/IEC 25436, and ACM Software System Award 2006). It includes: Eiffel compiler, Eiffel editor, Eiffel code browsing tool, Eiffel testing tool, graphical design tool, refactoring tool, debugger, profiler, and Eiffel analysis tools (Metrics, Dependencies, etc.). Eiffel generates C or CLI for .NET or Mono. Eiffel applies O-O principles and Design by Contract for high-quality software. Many Eiffel libraries are included: ADT, network, GUI, database, parsing (including an Eiffel parser), XML, Web, COM, and more.

Changes: This is a major bugfix release (about 200 bugs have been fixed since the last intermediate release). In addition, the "+" operator has been added to READABLE_STRING_GENERAL. The need for wel_hook.dll for pick and drop has been removed in all vision2 applications.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 18:16 Advanced Bash Scripting Guide 6.1


The Advanced Bash Scripting Guide is both a reference and a tutorial on shell scripting. This comprehensive book (the equivalent of 974 print pages) covers almost every aspect of shell scripting. It contains 364 profusely commented illustrative examples, a number of tables, and a cross-linked index/glossary. Not just a shell scripting tutorial, this book also provides an introduction to basic programming techniques, such as sorting and recursion. It is well suited for either individual study or classroom use. It covers Bash, up to and including version 4.0.

Changes: Many bugfixes. A couple of new example scripts and other material have been added.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 18:15 white_dune 0.29beta1357


white_dune is a graphical VRML97/X3DV editor, simple NURBS/Superformula 3D modeller, animation tool, and a very limited VRML97/X3DV commandline compiler in development. VRML97 (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is the ISO standard for displaying 3D data over the Web via browser plugins ("HTML for realtime 3D"). X3DV is the direct successor of VRML97. VRML97 and X3DV have support for animation, real-time interaction, and multimedia (images, movies, and sounds). white_dune can read, create, and display VRML97/X3DV files and let the user change the scenegraph/fields. It also has support for stereoscopic view via "quadbuffer"-capable stereo visuals, and support for 3D input devices like a joystick, spaceball, or magnetic tracker.

Changes: This release adds off-screen rendering for command-line export converters that need OpenGL commands. It fixes an error when parsing MFBool values. It adds a batch script to semi-automatically create templates of Node classes from the component documents of the X3D specification. It adds command-line arguments to export supported geometry to C/C++/Java source code as triangulated IndexedTriangleSet meshes. It solves incorrect drag and drop handling of geometry nodes in SceneTree view.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 18:12 Conserver 8.1.17


Conserver provides remote access to serial port consoles and logs all data to a central host. Local and network serial connections are supported. Server console history can be replayed from the console app even if the server is down, and multiple users can connect to a single serial connection.

Changes: Several bugfixes and some feature enhancements.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 18:11 urlwatch 1.9


urlwatch is a script intended to help you watch URLs and get notified (via email) of any changes. The change notification will include the URL that has changed and a unified diff of what has changed. The script works out of a single directory, so there is no need to install anything. State files are kept in the same folder. The script supports stripping parts of a page that are always changing through the use of a filter hook function. It is typically run as a cronjob.

Changes: This release adds support for "watching" the output of shell commands and using the "If-Modified-Since" header for HTTP requests to save bandwidth.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 18:10 Postfilter 0.8.0


Postfilter is a Perl filter for Internet Net News (innd) that checks all messages sent by local users searching for spam and invalid content. Although it's designed for large sites that need a complex tool, it could also be used by local or private servers.

Changes: This release is a major update, and is much more configurable. It has an installer, legal logs are handled in a much better way, and the code is better under many points of view. Everyone should upgrade.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 18:09 openscap 0.5.3


The openscap project is a set of open source libraries that support the SCAP (Security Content Automation Protocol) set of standards from NIST. It supports CPE, CCE, CVE, and CVSS.

Changes: Many improvements in OVAL support, including system characteristics and results format, memory management improvements, and the addition of most probes needed for OVAL to evaluate Linux systems. An initial XCCDF API has been added.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 18:07 Netpbm2Gimp 1.1+10.48


Netpbm2Gimp automatically compiles the unmodified source code of a Netpbm graphics program into a GIMP plug-in. The result looks and functions like any other GIMP plug-in, although it takes much less effort to produce than a hand-coded GIMP plug-in.


Changes: gimp-netpbm2gimp-plugins has been rebuilt against Netpbm 10.48.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 15:37 Avactis Shopping Cart 1.8.3


Avactis Shopping Cart is an e-commerce platform that can be easily integrated into an existing Web site. It is SEO optimized, secure, and easy to upgrade. One of the major advantages of Avactis is the use of unique technologies that, unlike other shopping cart software, provide for fast and easy integration of an on-line store into an existing Web site, thus minimizing the time-to-market for our customers and partners. The software has no logical limitations on the number of products. The code is optimized for smooth performance with up to 35,000 products and more. A free version is available. Special discounts are given for developers and Web designers.


Changes: A store licensing procedure was added. Packing slips and invoices can be printed for each order from the order list at the Admin Zone. The "HSBC XML" payment module was added. Performance optimization was done for PM and SM lists. Logging of "Google Checkout", "Nova Merchant", "PayPal Pro AU", and "PayPal Standard" was added. A P3P compact policy was added (for MS IE high security settings). The Mod_Rewriite Avactis module was improved. The search keywords highlighter was improved in the storefront (Product Search View).

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 14:26 Tor-ramdisk 20090927


Tor-ramdisk is an i686 uClibc-based micro Linux distribution whose only purpose is to host a Tor server in an environment that maximizes security and privacy. Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. Security is enhanced in tor-ramdisk by employing a monolithically compiled GRSEC/PAX patched kernel and hardened system tools. Privacy is enhanced by turning off logging at all levels so that even the Tor operator only has access to minimal information. Finally, since everything runs in ephemeral memory, no information survives a reboot, except for the Tor configuration file and the private RSA key, which may be exported/imported by FTP.


Changes: This release implements the changes included in the recent i686 release, but for the MIPS architecture. The setup scripts and busybox's configuration were modified so that the user can now choose to set up networking either by DHCP or by static assignment.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 14:25 audit daemon 2.0.1


The audit package contains the user-space utilities for creating audit rules, as well as for storing and searching the audit records generate by the audit subsystem in the Linux 2.6 kernel. It also has a basic Intrusion Detection plugin based on audit events capable of IDMEF alerting using prelude.

Changes: getloginuid was fixed for Python bindings. The audispd af_unix plugin was disabled by default. A bug in remote logging was fixed. The init script was updated. The man page was updated.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 14:21 ttyutils 2.0.13


Ttyutils is Unix/Linux terminal session hijacking toolkit. It is also a customizable and extendible platform. By creating a pseudo terminal to run a program, ttyutils can fully capture the program's output data and control the input to that program. After program output data been captured, ttyutils can save it to an encrypted and compressed file to be played back later or send it to a monitoring program in real time. Ttyutils will also use this data to create a virtual terminal, and the user can set up a screen feature condition match on this virtual terminal to trigger user-defined actions.

Changes: The ttycharset script was added. A default dissupport mysql driver was added.

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 12:48 libssh2 1.2.1


libssh2 is a C library that implements the SSH2 protocol.

Changes: libssh2.pc is now installed. Ten bugs were fixed, including some notorious ones in libssh2_channel_read_ex() and libssh2_channel_write().

Icon-download-wh Icon-home-wh 29 Sep 12:39 conc 2.0.3


Conc is a serial console concentrator for Linux and GNOME.

Changes: This release fixes some minor bugs and adds a few new features, including support IPMI serial-over-LAN and SSL for client connections.

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