Gorbea Natural Reserve

Consulation and assistance Centre of the Natural Park
"Parketxea-Areatza" (from Bizkaia)
Tel: + 34 946 739 279

Consultation and assistance Centre of the Natural Park. Central in Baias. (from Alava)
Tel:/Fax: + 34 945 430 709

Central part of Basque Country
Distance from Bilbao: 14km
Distance from Vitoria-Gasteiz: 24 km.

There are thrre ways: A-68 Higway (Bilbao/Miranda); N-622 Motorway (Vitoria-Altube) and N-240 National Road (Bilbao/Vitoria), which runs through Barazar.
There are local roads as well: A-3600, A-3610 and A-3608, which connect Murgia to the road to Barazar; A-624 and A-2522, from Amurrio and Llodio to the Altube Harbour, and the BI-3513 road wich connects Artea to Orozko though Bikotxgaine.


From Areatza (in front of the church) there is a road leading to the recreational area of Pagomakurre, Larreder and Upokomakatza.
In the upper part of Barazar (Zeanuri) there is another road, leading to the recreational area of Saldropo.
From the Bº of Lanbreabe (Zeanuri), there is a road leading to the Iondegorta parking area.
Departing from the Bº of Gallartu, Orozko, there is a road to the recreational area of Altzagorta.
Departing from Orozko, Usabel, there is a road to the recreational area of Pagomakurre.
Departing from Zuia, Sarria there is an access to the recreational area of the former electrical plant.
Departing from Zigoitia, Murua there is the recreational area of the Murua rock quarries.

Gorbeia is a mysterious place heating the imagination with breathtaking reminiscences of adventurous ironmongers, cattlemen and coalers of the past mixed with the incredible fairy tails and legends about lamias, witches and furies, which used the most far-away places like caves to perform their rituals known as Akelarres. Some of those caves, as Mairulegorreta, Supelegor, Itxulegor and others, have got a very special fame and are popular among visitors.
The national park is divided into five parts as follows and has five different access points: Kolometa, Pagomakurre and Saldropo (Bizkaia); Baias and Zubialde (Alaba). Each part abounds in natural attractions and is adapted for picnics

This spreads around the Gorbeia massif, an essential visit for Basque mountaineers. The open spaces which surround the summit cross (1481m.) are scattered with shepherds' cabins, whilst the slopes and valleys have many beech groves, oak groves and yews, along with replanted conifers, false cypresses and Japanese larch. We can see the protruding beech grove forest of Altube. Numerous animal species all live in this area (wild boar, badgers, martens, minks, wild cats, kingfisher, raptors, otters, etc). It is worthwhile going in mid-September to listen to the bellowing of the deer.
Land of shepherds, coal merchants and foundry workers, Gorbeia is also the place of legends, bringing together the pagan and the religious.

Historic territory
Álava and Vizcaya. This marks the limit between the two territories

Surface area
20,016 Ha. (the largest in the Basque Country)

Highest point: Mount Gorbeia (1,481 m.)
Lowest point: Orozco (320 m.)

Other places of interest
Goiuri Waterfall (Gujuli)
Murgia Honey Museum
La Virgen de Oro Shrine
Traditional Basque Pottery Museum of Ollerías
Gorbeia Reservoirs
Mairuelegorreta Caves
Fully equipped recreational areas


GPS coordinates Gorbea Natural Reserve
- Latitude: 43.011095797
- Length: -2.784990459

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