Lekeitio Old District

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Gamarra enparantza, s/n
LEKEITIO -Vizcaya 48280
Tel. 946 844 017 (Tourist Office)
Fax. 946 844 167 (Tourist Office)
E-mail: turismoa@learjai.com


The old district of Lekeitio, of mediaeval layout, offers us the opportunity to enjoy an extensive artistic heritage; particularly worthy of note is the beautiful basilica of La Asunción de Santa María, which was rebuilt in the 16th century and which, with its magnificent Gothic altarpiece, is one of the most valuable religious monuments in Vizcaya. Next to the church, in Plaza de la Independencia, are the Town Hall and Oxangoiti Palace, dating from the 17th century.

From here we shall head into Calle Arranegi, the heart of the old district, which all the other streets lead into. Here we can see several towers and palaces from other eras, such as the Uribarri palatial house. Continuing along Calle Ezpeleta, where the ancient Fishermans' Guild of San Pedro is found, will take us to the jetty, whilst up above the cliffs is the Hermitage of San Juan. The view from here covers the entire Lekeitio coastline.

Moreover, it is a privilege to stroll around the cobbled streets of the town, full of old buildings, palaces and manorial houses, most notably Uriarte Palace, Turpin tower and the Convent of Santo Domingo.


Coordonnées GPS Lekeitio Old District
- Latitude: 43,3651569278944
- Longitude: -2,50295162200928

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