Montaña Alavesa: A High Stroll

Antoñana Administration Board
01128 Cuesta del Lavadero, 1
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Cuadrilla de Campezo - Montaña Alavesa
01110 Ctra. Vitoria-Estella, 7
Santa Cruz de Campezo
Tel. 945 40 54 24


Enjoying a privileged natural environment, we start this route in Peñacerrada-Urizaharra (1), a town which conserves part of its mediaeval wall, around which is the only amber architectural site found so far in Spain, where the creation of a museum is projected. You should then take the A-2124 heading towards Vitoria-Gasteiz and, around 3 Km, turn off to pass through Baroja (along the A-4129 road) to reach the town of Faido (2). Here you can visit the hermitage of Virgen de la Peña, built in a cave. From Faido we take the A-3134, which leads to Marquínez (3), with the notable Romanesque hermitage of San Juan and the "gobas" or artificial caves. At this point we should return as we came, taking the BU-741 to continue along the main road to Bajauri. From here take the A-3132 to Lagrán (4), where we will find the Izki Golf complex, which is unique in Álava as it is publicly owned. We propose continuing on to Pipaón (5) in order to visit its Ethnographic Museum. Returning to Lagrán, take the A-3130 heading towards Bernedo (6), a town which still conserves the ruins of a castle and part of the wall. From here take the A-3136 to Antoñana (7), a town of mediaeval origin, the walls of which have been declared a National Monument of the Basque Country. After this visit, continue along the A-132 heading towards Santa Cruz de Campezo (8), the regional capital, which has interesting buildings. Here you will see signs indicating the way up to Ibernalo Shrine, where you can enjoy excellent views. From Campezo you can reach Valle de Arana (9) (taking the A-2128), a beautiful part of Montaña Alavesa, dotted with small towns and beautiful landscapes. Then continue to Maeztu (10), along the A-3118 and the A-3114, where you will find interesting palatial houses. The excursion is drawing to a close, but don't forget to now take the A-4124 to Korres (11), which leads to Izki Natural Reserve.








GPS coordinates Montaña Alavesa: A High Stroll
- Latitude: 42.644206644
- Length: -2.713465815

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