Oma Woods

Momentan ist dieser Abschnitt nur in englischer, baskischer und spanischer Sprache verfügbar. Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis.

It is located in Kortezubi (Vizcaya).

The painted woods is just three kilometres from Santimamiñe Cave. As soon as the motorway finishes, you will find a steep road to the right which will take us to the start of the woods.


Hidden away in a corner of Oma, in the large depression of the Guernica estuary close to the Cantabrian shores, we find the painted woods of Oma.

In principle it is a pine grove like any other. Its thick foliage acts to cover this mountain, which is otherwise anonymous. A path heads downwards and, not too far down, painted on the trunks, we come across some lips and then a yellow diamond. They would appear to be a welcome sign, as further on the slope becomes less inclined and the pine grove opens up in a clearing. To the right there is the form of a rainbow, which jumps from trunk to trunk. Further on, eyes, waves and spots join the trees together with their colour stains.

This woods has caused great controversy. Reviled by those who consider it to be an attack on the environment or, even worse, the insolent whim of a mediocre artist. Praised by those who see in this work a step forward, capable of closing the circle which Stone Age man began when he painted the nearby caves of Santimamiñe. There is no doubt that the masterpiece of Agustín Ibarrola is on the edge of artistic creation, and has become a particular dialogue between an artist and nature.


GPS Koordinaten Oma Woods
- Breitengrad: 43,336028023
- Längengrad: -2,615261518

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