Argineta Necropolis and Hermitage

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One of the destinations in this route is the Necropolis of Argiñeta. The site is inside and in the open fields which surround the Hermitage of San Adrián, of Renaissance style and built on a previous one. It has a rectangular layout with a single nave constructed in sandstone. The interior has a pebbled floor. The sepulchres and stelae are set out artificially, forming a rectangle.

There are currently twenty sepulchres, one of them double, two isolated covered areas without a tomb, and five stelae. Argiñeta is one of the most interesting mediaeval archaeological sites in the territory, as it contains remains of the first organisation of space in late mediaeval Vizcaya, along with evident features of Christianity. Judging by these remains, the settlement was occupied between the 9th and 12th centuries.


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Coordinate GPS Argineta Necropolis and Hermitage
- Latitudine: 43,1341572909877
- Lunghezza: -2,54024505615234

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