Zadorra Reservoirs

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Provincial government of Álava
Tel. 945 18 18 18

The Alava Nature Institute organises activities in Mendíjur Observatory

Alava Nature Institute
Pedro Asúa, 2ª-3º
01008 Vitoria-Gasteiz
Tel. 945 24 66 06


The reservoirs of Ullíbarri Gamboa and Urrúnaga form an interesting environmental and leisure area. Around the Ullíbarri Gamboa there is a path or "Green Route" which allows us to go around the reservoir on foot or by bike without any difficulty. There is also a fun to cross wooden bridge from one bank of the reservoir to the other.

Urrúnaga Reservoir, also known as 'Legutiano' or 'Santa Engracia', is a natural area which is held in great esteem by fishermen. On its banks you will also find the parks of Sorgimendi, between Urrúnaga and Goiain, and Zabalain, on the peninsular of the same name, at the entrance to Legutiano from Vitoria. As with all other local parks in Álava, families come here to enjoy outdoor leisure activities at weekends.

Mendijur Ornithological Park
In one of the meanders of Urrúnaga Reservoir we find Mendíjur Observatory and Ornithological Park, which is home to numerous aquatic birds.

The Alava Nature Institute organises activities in Mendíjur Observatory, located within this RAMSAR Zone.

Location: North of Álava

From Vitoria-Gasteiz:
Take the L-623 which joins the N-1 Vitoria-Pamplona main road. Take the Argómaniz-Ozaeta exit junction and then the N-104. Take the turnoff which leads to Garaio.
From Vitoria-Gasteiz we recommend taking the A-3002 road

Other places of interest
Sierra de Elgea Mountains
Gebara Palace and Castle (ruins)

The provincial parks of Landa and Garaio have extensive areas suitable for bathing, with all types of services (picnic areas, lavatories, showers, children's play areas, etc.)

In summer there is a regular transport service from Vitoria-Gasteiz to Garaio. At this time of year there is also a Public Information Centre, where bicycles can be hired and which organises activities related to nature



Coordinate GPS Zadorra Reservoirs
- Latitudine: 42,9088515978166
- Lunghezza: -2,54324913024902

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