Mediaeval La Almendra and Neoclassical Vitoria-Gasteiz

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Vitoria-Gasteiz Municipal Tourist Office
Plaza General Loma, s/n
01004 Vitoria-Gasteiz
Tel. 945 16 15 98


We recommend you take time out to visit the Old District of Vitoria-Gasteiz. It is truly worthwhile. We offer you a route, although you should remember that there are different guides visits designed for you to get to know this mediaeval jewel. Ask at the Tourist Office for further information.

We start our trip at Santa María Cathedral (1), also known as the Old Cathedral, built on a defensive wall at the end of the 13th and during the 14th centuries. The building, currently undergoing a pioneering renovation process, can be visited. Go up Calle Fray Zacarías and turn right along Cantón de Las Carnicerías (2), where you will find a recovered section of the old wall.

Return to Calle Fray Zacarías, where we find Escoriaza Esquivel Palace (3) and Montehermoso Palace (4), both of Renaissance style. Just a few meters away we find the Church of San Vicente (5). In Plaza del Machete we can see Villa Suso Palace (6), also of Renaissance style. Go down the steps to discover the Church of San Miguel (7), with its notable main altarpiece, the work of Gregorio Fernández and, on the outside, the niche containing the Virgen Blanca, the patron of the city.

We invite you to stop for a few moments on the balcony of San Miguel to observe the life-size statue of Celedón, one of the protagonists in the city's festivities, and enjoy the beautiful view of Plaza de la Virgen Blanca (8), the true heart of the city. To the left you will see Los Arquillos (9), an architectural solution by Justo de Olaguíbel at the end of the 18th century to resolve the problem of the difference in ground levels in the city. The street with the same name will take us to Cuesta de San Francisco slope.

Head down Calle Cuchillería and you will find the Casa del Cordón (10), of mediaeval origin. It owes its name to the order of Saint Francisco, which is sculpted in the moulding around the main doorway. Inside you will be surprised by the beautiful stellar vault. At the end of the street you will find the Portalón, another mediaeval building, which is now a restaurant, and the Torre de los Anda tower, located next to Plaza de la Burullería (11). From here, head towards Calle Siervas de Jesús to visit Torre de Doña Otxanda tower (12), which houses the Natural Science Museum. The walk concludes in this same street, at San Pedro Church (13), with its magnificent Gothic style doorway.


Coordinate GPS Mediaeval La Almendra and Neoclassical Vitoria-Gasteiz
- Latitudine: 42,850639339
- Lunghezza: -2,672342505

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