Leitzaran Protected Biotope

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Visitor's Centre
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E-mail: leitzaranbistarienetxea@leitzaran.org
Web: www.leitzaran.org

It is in the northeast part of Gipuzkoa. It includes the river and the banks of the Leitzaran, from the moment it enters Guipuzcoa territory a few kilometres before Andoain, crossing through Berastegi, Elduain, Villabona and Andoain.


Very close to the densely populated, industrial plain of Oria, a clean water tributary with abundant meanders passes through a solitary valley, which acts as a green lung. This is the winding Leitzaran river, which extends from Leitza (Navarre) to Andoain, and which was declared a 'protected biotype' in 1995.
This meandering river allowed for the establishment of 18 riverside hydraulic ironworks, the remains of which can still be found today. We can also find the succession of tunnels excavated for the former Plazaola railway, which connected Gipuzkoa to Navarre from 1914 to 1953. Its tunnels and bridges are now a quiet Green Route which is much appreciated by cyclists and trekkers.

74 hectares

Flora and fauna
The Leitzaran is, above all, a trout river, although it is also a habitat for many other animal species: Pyrenean newts, Iberian desmans, eels, minnows, kingfishers, dippers... These animals live amongst alders, pines, larches, oaks and some unusual plants such as the 'soldanella villosa'.

From the centre of the town of Andoain we have two options: 1. Take the GI-3091 road and, after 2 km, you will reach the entrance to Leitzaran valley, which is duly signposted. 2. Take the Trentxiki Green Route in Plazaola, which is next to Andoain tourist information point (Urigain building), just a few metres from Andoain Town Hall. In this case access is limited to pedestrians and cyclists, a distance of 2 km. It is duly signposted. - From Andoain, take the A-15 (motorway to Navarre), and leave at Elduain and Berastegi exit junctions.

The Leitzaran Visitors' Centre is a facility housing two complementary tourist and educational resources: the Water Interpretation Centre, where the Protected Biotype of the River Leitzaran and the valley is shown from the point of view of water and the Fishing School where the main aim is to bring users closer to the river, to teach them to get to know it better and, above all, to respect it, through a sustanaible sport such as catch and release fishing. . Both areas are geared towards both families and individuals during their leisure time and towards learner or veteran fishermen and school groups.


GPS Koordinaten Leitzaran Protected Biotope
- Breitengrad: 43,203277988
- Längengrad: -2,012764948

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