Otxandio Old District

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Surrounded by mountains and bordering with the historic territory of Álava, Otxandio is one of the most monumental towns in the whole of Vizcaya. Located in the southern end of the territory, its Main Square, of huge architectural value, forms the heart of the town, where we can admire from the Town Hall through to the Church of Santa Mariñe, without forgetting the Fuente de Vulcano fountain and the Casa de Cultura.

The Town Hall, built in 1742 and declared a national monument, is considered the most representative building of Otxandio. The quality of its ashlar stone, the three crests which adorn its facade and its sundial are the most characteristic features. The Church of Santa Mariñe, which dates from the 16th century, is notable for its impressive tower and large unified nave in Renaissance style. The Casa de Cultura, a building from the 19th century, and the Fuente de Vulcano fountain, dedicated to the God of Fire in recognition of the importance of the ironworks in the history of the town, round off, along with the "bolatoki" (ball court) and the pelota court, a unique site.

Beyond the square, visitors should not fail to visit the majestic houses of Calle Uribarrena, where they can enjoy its blazons of enormous historic value, and the Former Hospital, now a nursing home, which was constructed in 1722 with funds donated by a native Indian from the town who had made his fortune in the Americas. Finally the Hermitage of San Martín, situated in a pleasant wood of beech trees, combines simplicity and great historic value.

Otxandio is surrounded by an exceptional natural environment, thanks to its location between the natural reserves of Urkiola and Gorbeia. Moreover, part of its site is occupied by Urrúnaga Reservoir, where different watersports can be practised (rowing, fishing...).

The Vizcaya town celebrates its festivities in honour of Santa Marina, with the 18th July being the day of the patron saint. These festivities, along with the those of San Bernabé (Mekoleta district) and the agricultural fair in mid-December, round off the town's celebratory events.


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