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Within the rocky mass of Aiako Harria, made up of solidified magma, seams of different metals have been formed. These seams have been exploited since ancient times, some dating back to the Romans, with many wells and mining galleries dug into the massif. It is calculated that there is a total length of around 15-18 km of tunnels. In a former mining gallery of Arditurri (Oiartzun), for example, it is envisaged that within two years an interpretation centre for the park will be built, and a section of the gallery will be equipped to allow it to be visited by the public.

The green route of Arditurri reached right up to these former mines, its course being a former railway line which joined the mines to Pasaia port. This route, of 10 km long, is suitable for pedestrians and cyclists, and can also be used by the disabled.

San Telmo: insert San Telmo Hermitage

The peculiarities of the Zumaia coastline, which we can discover by taking its paths or going on a guided excursion, can be seen from the beach at Itzurun, which is overlooked by the Hermitage of San Telmo and a thalassotherapy centre.

Itzurun beach is the closest one to the town's old district. Open to the sea and under the protection of San Telmo hermitage, its sands and waters have properties which are beneficial to health, given their high concentration of iodine.

From the beach of Itzurun through to Deba, we can follow this wonderful route and take in the peculiar rocky formations which protrude over the sea. At low tide, a peculiar phenomenon known as Flysch becomes apparent. This is a surface which has been abraded as a consequence of the erosion of the sea, formed by different strata of limestone and sandstone rocks, in the form of a puff pastry. Excursions are organised to see this beautiful spot close-up.


GPS coordinates Arditurri Mines
- Latitude: 43.283887667
- Length: -1.802119357

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