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The Zuia Cultural Welfare Society

Zuia, with an approximate area of 494 km2 and a population greater than 8,500 inhabitants, has a Cultural Welfare Society made up of residents of the municipalities of Aramaio, Arrazua-Ubarrundia, Legutiano, Urkabustaiz, Zigoitia and Zuia.

The area of Zuia is divided into two beautifully landscaped areas:

  • The natural area around the foothills of the Gorbea-Aramaio Valley, made up of the municipalities of Aramaio, Legutiano, Urkabustaiz, Zigoitia and Zuia,
  • and the Alavesa Plains, which peak out from the municipality of Arrazua-Ubarrundia.

Ending to the north at the provinces of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, to the south at the municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz and the area of AƱana, to the east with Gipuzkoa and the Alavesa Plains, and to the west at the Ayala region.

This area?s orography, climate, and vegetation, as well as its oak forests, beech woods and grasslands, make for a series of landscapes which are the quintessential image traditionally associated with the Basque Region.

All these natural resources, reinforced by the establishment of the Gorbeia Natural Park and the Urkiola Natural Park and together with the rich architectural heritage found in the village centres around Zuia, give this region a special attraction as well as make it a place where there is much to discover and enjoy; a privileged place for the rediscovery of nature.