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  Izan ziralako, gara, eta garalako izango dira  
"Because they were, we are, and because we are they will be"
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Eguberri eta
Urte Berri On!

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Happy New Year!

Feliz Navidad y
Prospero A
ño Nuevo!

Joyeux No
ël et
Bonne Ann




What we have been asked to share with others

Our federation receives various notices and they are posted here in topical order and remain for at least a month.  Inclusion here does not imply that N.A.B.O. approves or vouches for the following, but we wanted to make this information available.

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Entertainment offerings

June-July 2010 Concert offering.  An Andoni Aguirre & Kristi Gjezi tour is scheduled to take place in June and July of 2010.  As well as the concert, they also hope to organize a master class in music for young people.  The project that they have been working on is particularly good and has helped us gain the support of Pantxoa Etchegoin, who is head of the Basque Institute of Bayonne, and who has kindly offered to financially support the tour, helping with costs for travel to, from and within America.  Here are some links for the artist's music: Andoni Aguirre Kristi Gjezi -  For more information contact  (posted 10/15/2009)

TREBESKA DANCE GROUP EXCHANGE OFFER.  This dance group of sixty people from Donostia, Gipuzkoa is interested in a possible exchange with a dance group from here.  Click on and    For more information email (Posted 10/21/2009)

Basque Country travel/learning opportunities

LEARN BASQUE WITH A BASQUE FAMILY. We are a Basque family from Busturia in Bizkaia. For many years we have hosted Basque students from all over the world who have came to our house to learn Basque. They usually attend the euskaltegi in Gernika in the mornings. We would like to host a North American person interested in learning Basque during the year because in the summer we usually host the students that have a high level of Basque that are part of the program "Euskal familiekin egonaldiak"organized by HABE.  We are musicians and play actors. Ama Rosa is a teacher of Basque language. The aita Doro is a musician and actor and he used to teach Basque too. The two daughters are Andere (actress) and Maialen (musician). We have a dog and we love people from all over the world. We can negotiate the price of the stay.  In order to get in touch with us write us an email to:

Etxe haundi bat sekatzen duzue oporretako lagun artean, familiarekin edo besta baten dako. Badugu hori zuretako.Laster izazue etxea ikusteko. View at and contact R. Lascaray at
(posted 10/15/2009)

SAN FERMIN LODGING.  I've got 8 apartments, for 6-8 people each, that cost between 450 and 600 € per night.  I´ve got balconies too!  Contact Mónica D. at (posted 11/4/2009)

Educational / Basque books & media

INTERNSHIP WITH BASQUE GOVERNMENT DELEGATION.  Six scholarships are being offered, one for an American, to serve as an intern with the New York City delegation of the Basque Government.  It is for youth (under 30).  To find out more go to (and use googletranslatecom if necessary)  Note the deadline is Dec. 28, 2009

The Center for Basque Studies is now featuring on their website the new book by noted Basque author Bernardo Atxaga.   Two Basque Stories,  (translated into English by Nere Lete; illustrations by Antton Olariaga) includes "Two Letters All at Once" and "When a Snake Stares at a Bird."  Click on (posted 11/4/2009)

SAN FRANCISCO BASQUE HISTORY BOOK.  The Center for Basque Studies just published Pedro Oiarzabal's new book Gardeners of Identity: Basques in the San Francisco Bay Area.  For more information click on (posted 11/4/2009)

BASQUE STONE CARVER.  There is a stone carver willing to offer his serves to the Basque diaspora, by creating a stone work. Contact Régis Pochelu at (posted 11/4/2009)

See also N.A.B.O. Educational Offerings

Inquiries | Contest announcements

REMEMBERING GERNIKA BOMBING. There is a study at the University of Cambridge, England examining what kinds of transmission of memory were taking place amongst the Basque diaspora regarding the bombing of Gernika.  Do you have any information from your local community about either public commemorative events or simply reflections on the ways in which the memory of the event has been transmitted unofficially through family customs etc.  Contact Daniel Clarke at (posted 11/4/2009)






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