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  Izan ziralako, gara, eta garalako izango dira  
"Because they were, we are, and because we are they will be"
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Eguberri eta
Urte Berri On!

Merry Christmas &
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Feliz Navidad y
Prospero A
ño Nuevo!

Joyeux No
ël et
Bonne Ann




UDALEKU: NABO's Basque Culture Summer Camp

Every year NABO sponsors, and a Basque club hosts, Udaleku--our two-week Basque Culture Summer Camp.  Participants have an opportunity to learn more about their Basque heritage while having fun and making new friends.

Next year's Udaleku will be in Reno June 21-July 2, 2010; applications will be coming out in February.

A look back:  2009 Udaleku in Chino

Valerie Arrechea,
NABO President &

Kate Camino,
Udaleku 2010 director
& Co-Chairperson 

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UDALEKU Objectives

Our motto for the two-week camp will be that of our Basque ancestors:  "work hard, play hard."  We'll be learning some things every day, but also having fun going to different events and participating in activities.  Some of what we have planned includes:














Location:  Chino, CA

Dates:  June 28--July 11, 2009

Price:  $300.00 per participant

Who can attend Udaleku?   Participants must be between the ages of 10 through 15 years of age, members of a NABO organization, and have current medical insurance.

What is the cut off year of birth for Udaleku participation?   Participants must be born between June 15, 1999 and January 1, 1994.

What does the tuition fee of $300.00 include?  The cost covers meals, accommodations, lessons, and outings for the duration of the camp, and this year a trip for all to Disneyland

What will participants learn at Udaleku?   Participants can expect to focus on the following Basque topics: dance, songs, euskara, mus, pilota, culture, and txistu.

Can I turn my application in late?  Due to the high demand for spots in Udaleku, late applications will not be accepted.

I am turning 16 in 2009, and don’t make the cut off for participants. Is there some way I can be involved in Udaleku?  Those turning 16 and older can apply for the position of Udaleku Aide. The aide will help the teachers in the running of the camp and lessons. This is a paid position, with one to three aides being hired for this camp. Applications can be found on the NABO website. The deadline for the aide application is May 1st. The Udaleku Organizers will determine who will be hired as aide. Applicants will be notified by the end of May.

Where will participants be housed?  Participants will be housed with local Basque Club members.

Can I request that my child be paired in a house with a certain individual?  Requests can be made, but there is no guarantee that the request can be honored.

When can I expect to receive information on where my child will be housed?  Housing information should be available after June 1st.

How can I volunteer to keep children or work at camp?  Please contact local housing coordinator at 

Can parents observe Udaleku on a day to day basis?   No. No one will be allowed on site besides participants and staff without the express authorization of the hosting Club and the Udaleku director.

Will I need to bring my own txistu?  If you would like to bring your own instrument, you may. Please make sure that both the instrument and case are clearly marked with your name. Neither N.A.B.O. or the Chino Basque Club will be responsible for lost instruments. If you do not have an instrument, or prefer to not bring yours, poxpolins will be provided by Udaleku. Participants will be able to keep the poxpolins at the end of camp.

Which Airport is best to fly into?  You will need to fly into Ontario, CA airport (ONT) on Sunday, June 28th.  Udaleku will arrange transportation from the airport to Chino.  Departures should be scheduled after the Saturday evening show (July 11th) which closes Udaleku.  If flying out, Sunday July 12th is recommended.


Weather in Chino is hot (90-100 degrees) during Udaleku.  Please bring comfortable clothing, and shoes that you can dance in (high top sneakers or strap sandles are not recommended).  If you are bringing medicine to camp, please indicate it on the medical release form so that we know when it should be taken.  If you suffer from hay fever or have any allergies to plants, food, or trees, be sure to bring your medication and indicate it on the medical release form.  Please bring the following items to camp:

___      Tennis Shoes (required for Pelota)
___      Txistu (poxpolin if you already have one)
___      Dance shoes: espadrille or abarkak 
___      Boys: bring a regular white shirt and blue or black pants
___      Sleeping bag and pillow
___      Prescribed medicine (if any)
___      Comb, brush, bath towels, soap with container, other toiletries
___      Windbreaker / sweatshirt / sweater
___      Hair Dryer
___      T-shirts
___      Long pants and shorts
___      socks, shoes, underwear
___      Church clothes
___      watch / travel alarm clock




1.            You will respect your hosting families.  We are counting on you to be on your best behavior, and that your will make your hosting families happy to have opened their homes to you. 

2.            You will not take, borrow, or use anything from your hosts without asking permission.

3.            You will not make telephone calls without permission.  The Basque  Center has a pay phone, so it might be a good idea to bring a pre-paid phone card to use.

4.            You will not leave the house without permission, and without the host knowing where you are.  They are responsible for you, and must know your whereabouts.

5.            You will not help yourselves to the items in their pantries or refrigerator.  Your meals will be eaten at the Center

6.            You will respect any rules the hosting family sets.

7.            You will not make excessive noise in your host house.  Most people will work during the day, and will not appreciate noise after a certain hours. 

8.            You will get up on time, and be ready to leave the house when needed.

9.            You will have laundry done once a week.  Please do not expect the hosting family to do laundry more than that.

10.          Any misconduct will result in immediate dismissal from camp.

Expired applications
Application for 2009 Udaleku aide  (these positions are filled now)

Udaleku aide guidelines


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