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  Izan ziralako, gara, eta garalako izango dira  
"Because they were, we are, and because we are they will be"
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Eguberri eta
Urte Berri On!

Merry Christmas &
Happy New Year!

Feliz Navidad y
Prospero A
ño Nuevo!

Joyeux No
ël et
Bonne Ann




GOT BASQUE?  Promoting Euskara

The effort to promote Euskara here in the United States will require that we move on several fronts at the same time that we identify as "visible, viable & vital".  One of these fronts is a promotional campaign.  We need a greater general awareness of the central role of the language in our culture.   To accomplish this, we need to develop a campaign to make more people aware of the language and also the new opportunities to learn it.  This is what has been--and is being done--in the Basque country with various campaigns and programs.  I looked at some of those but the phrases and concepts wouldn't work as well here.  So we thought we'd borrow from a local idea:  "Got Basque?" 

Clearly this isn't an original idea since it is patterned off the Got Milk? ads, but that does us a service because most folks already grasp the concept of the ad.  Going with this phrase accomplishes several things--first it's eye catching and already self-explanatory.  Second, it perfectly defines what "euskaldun" means which is one who has Euskara or Basque.  So "Got Basque" is actually a pretty accurate definition although the grammar in English is a bit strained ("Do you have Basque?" isn't quite as catchy).  Finally, just like needing to have milk with cookies, it conveys the concept of the desirability of having Euskara with the culture.

The design above makes prominent several things:  the "Got Basque?" phrase; NABO & HABE's partnership in this venture; the call to start learning; the website to consult for more information and the meaning Euskaldun in English along with the Basque phrase: "Don't you know that it is Euskara that makes us Euskaldun?"  Finally, in Basque and English the call to start & keep learning.  We will be distributing postcard size copies of this to help get the word out. 

As stated on our homepage, as one of the world's most distinctive minority languages, Euskara's future will be decided by the current generation of speakers.  We need your help to keep our language viable and vital.  Hasi ikasten--start learning!  Jarraitu ikasten--continue learning! 

Below are the postcards that Sam Snodgrass of Boise produced to further promote learning Basque.  Oso ondo Sam!  Click on the images to enlarge. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


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