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  Izan ziralako, gara, eta garalako izango dira  
"Because they were, we are, and because we are they will be"
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Instructor's Page: Where to begin

Where do we begin?  The first thing is to line up an instructor.  Bottom line--the instructor does not need to be an Euskara whiz, but instead someone who has the passion and desire to get more people speaking and learning Basque.  The instructor needs a good (not excellent, not completely fluent) grasp of Euskara.  Their task will be to facilitate and sustain the learning of Basque with recommended bi-monthly meetings of 90 minutes each.  We are currently at work preparing an instructors resource booklet to assist them. 

How do we get classes started?  You'll need to get the word out (newsletter notice; announce something at your club's event, etc.) and organize a meeting for all those interested.  At this meeting you explain the objectives that are:

  • To get more people learning and speaking Basque.  Thus previous speakers of Basque are also encouraged to participate because they can help others (assuming they are willing to be patient and help others come along). 

  • The "textbook" for the class will be the software program BOGA.  But few students learn a language on their own; most of us need human interaction which is why we wanted to learn the language in the first place. 

  • Thus the primary task of the instructor is not to go over material in BOGA; the program is largely self-explanatory.  Instead, the instructor is there to coordinate "mintza-saioak" or conversation classes. 

  • Classes will meet twice a month (on a day that works for most) for 90 minutes each time.  These classes will be to provide an opportunity for students to practice speaking.  Time is short--the aim is to speak as much as possible.

  • At the first meeting you'll take students' names and email addresses so that you can have their contact information and acquire their program pass codes.  Copies of BOGA can be distributed and you'll ask students to load the program.

Financial aid

Powerpoint lessons

This set of picture Powerpoints are intended for use in your club's Euskara classes.  For an alternative set of picture-vocabulary click on  Complete picture dictionary

We are taking a Basque picture dictionary and breaking it down into specific units that serve as vocabulary review lessons.  The following are currently available by sending an email (and you will then receive them in an email attachment).

These lessons were arranged so that you would first see the picture, and then when you press the enter key on the keyboard the second part would come up with the word in Basque (plus English).  Note the following when using Microsoft Powerpoint:  you need to go into the "slideshow" feature to get the images to appeared staggered.  You can do this one of three ways:  at the bottom left hand corner click on the small icon that looks like a screen; from the "view" menu bar along the top select slideshow, or just press the "F5" to start it.  To get out of the slideshow format, press the "esc" on your keyboard.

1-Gure Ingurua/Environment
2-Denbora/Time & dates
3-Natura/plants & animals
4D-Egongela-logela/living/bed rooms
5-Goza Harremanak/human relations
7-Hiria/The City

Financial aid

ZER DATOR: What's coming for instructors

So you know what is being planned down the road by your NABO Euskara Facilitator (John Ysursa):

Visiting Euskara Teacher in Chino
Click on
Hosting visiting instructors

Barnetegia Ideas: BasqueFast methods
Click on

  Lisa Corcostegui is completing work on additional outlines of the BOGA lessons

"Kinku" Zinkunegi will soon be providing us with   conversation exercises due out in October 2006

Euskararen Eguna: Debut Lisa & Kinku's materials; BasqueFast methods



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