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  Izan ziralako, gara, eta garalako izango dira  
"Because they were, we are, and because we are they will be"
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Eguberri eta
Urte Berri On!

Merry Christmas &
Happy New Year!

Feliz Navidad y
Prospero A
ño Nuevo!

Joyeux No
ël et
Bonne Ann





To watch Basque TV directly on line for free click on


NABO offers a VHS tape conversion service for its members, especially for those wishing to convert material that is on a different video system. It is designed to facilitate the exchange of videotapes of family events, etc. between family members and friends living in areas of the world with different video systems. Contact the chairperson above for more information and rates.  Contact:
Jesus Pedroarena, Video Chair
P.O. Box 761; Minden, NV 89423

Basque Films Homepage         Basque Music Videos

NOTE: If the video clip doesn't open, you will need to download a free video player

Glimpses of the Basque Country This 9 minute overview from the Basque Cultural Institute
Glimpses of the Basque Country (YouTube)

Vascos en el Cine (Spanish) How Hollywood has portrayed Basques.

Euskadi: Con Mucho Gusto Promotional video

Euskal Herria:  Land of the Basques promotional video clip (Windows Media Player)

Orson Welles in the Basque Country 1
Orson Welles in the Basque Country 2

Kelly Family singing"Agur Jaunak" or YouTube-Kelly family-Agur Jaunak

Report to NABO Delegates:  Reno, July 2009

EITB has finally settled on using the Adobe Flash Player to reproduce their TV programs on the internet. If you don't have the Adobe Flashe Player installed in your computer, you can down load the program from the following link:   This link takes you to the download page and should have the correct version for your operating system selected to download and install it. If it is not correct, select your operating system from the same page and follow the instructions to install it.

When you select the link to watch Canal Vasco or ETB Sat, a small window opens up with the image. To see the image in full screen, click the button that appears below and left of the image. To exit full screen, click the ESC key on the keyboard.

The links for the televisions and radios appear at the lower part of the first page of  

You can find the programming guides for Canal Vasco and ETB Sat for the current day and two more days in advance as follows: Click on the Television tab, select either Canal Vasco or ETB Sat. In the page that opens up, select the Programming, Programacion tab depending on the language you are using. The times given on the programming guides are Euskadi times and you have to figure the time difference between your time zone and Euskadi. Keep in mind that ETB Sat programming on the internet is what is being shown in Europe at that moment via satellite. The majority of the pelota games are shown live on ETB Sat. Some of the games are also shown on Canal Vasco. Besides pelota games, there is a lot of interesting information and news available on both channels. Also, don't forget the five radio stations from, both in Spanish or Euskera. The page shows a lot of video clips and news. To see Canal Vasco and ETB Sat it is necessary to have a high speed internet connection.

Since EITB made the change in March to use the Adobe Flash Player to reproduce their programs on the web, they have had many problems. I have made many phone calls and sent some e-mails to alert them of the problems that I was seeing here, which many times they were unaware of the problem. There are still some problems from time to time. Sometimes the program locks up and it is necessary to stop and restart again.

Thank you very much.

Jesus Pedroarena, NABO Video Chairman 

Canal Vasco TV on Dish Network and DirecTV

Some TV programs from Canal Vasco are available on HITN TV ( and can be seen on Dish Network, channels 9401 and 843, on DirecTV, channel 438, and on some cable TV systems. HITN is a Spanish language educational channel from the U.S.  HITN is included in all Dish Network programming packages. Canal Vasco program titles can be checked using the Canal Vasco programming guide on the EITB web page ( Use those titles as a reference to find out when the programs are scheduled to appear on HITN, by using the HITN electronic programming guide. Check the daily programming times on the HITN web page (

Canal Vasco TV and ETBSat TV on the Internet

Canal Vasco TV carries programming directed to the Americas. Canal Vasco TV (in Spanish) is available, 24 hours a day, on the Internet, through JumpTV ( for $9.95 per month. Use an Internet broadband connection, which provides a good picture. The news program, Teleberri, can be seen every day at noon, Pacific Time. Check the Canal Vasco programming guide on the EITB web page (

ETBSat TV with over half of its programming in Basque and the rest in Spanish is available, 24 hours a day, on the Internet, through JumpTV ( for $9.95 per month. Use an Internet broadband connection, which provides a good picture. The news program, Teleberri, can be seen every day at noon, Pacific Time. Check the ETBSat TV programming guide on the EITB web page (

Basque Package on the Internet

JumpTV ( is now offering a Basque package which includes: Canal Vasco TV, ETBSat TV, and the radio stations-- Euskadigaztea, Radioeuskadi, Euskadirratia, Radiovitoria and Eitbradio for $5.95 (introductory price) for the first month and $16.95 for each additional month.

Basque Radio Stations

The Basque radio stations can be heard directly, without a subscription, from the EITB web page. (

Basque News on the Internet

Check the EITB ( and EITB 24 Horas web page for up to the minute news about the Basque Country, the Basque communities around the world, sports, and news from around the world.


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