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  Izan ziralako, gara, eta garalako izango dira  
"Because they were, we are, and because we are they will be"
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Eguberri eta
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Feliz Navidad y
Prospero A
ño Nuevo!

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ël et
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NABO--as an associate member--supports the ongoing effort to create a Basque Studies Consortium.  This goes to NABO's ultimate of goal of helping to perpetuate Basque culture following the formula of Recreate + Educate = Perpetuate

A consortium is an association of two or more individuals or organizations with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal.  The word is Latin in origin meaning 'partnership, association or society and derives from consors 'partner.'  The Basque Studies Consortium endeavours to bring together a wide array of institutions and individuals in a viable network to mutually support efforts in Basque Studies.  Several membership categories embrace various forms of involvement in Basque Studies. 

  Click on 2008 Basque Studies Conference to take a look back at the most recent conference, as coordinator Dr. Steven Gamboa (picutred) helped to bring the pieces together for another successful conference.

MEMBERS-ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS. One is of academic institutions of higher learning; the charter members include the recently established Basque Studies program at Boise State University, the emerging programs at the California State University (Bakersfield) and University of California (Santa Barbara) and the pioneering Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada (Reno).  The proposal is online at: Basque Studies Consortium Proposal

The present effort to develop a Basque Studies Consortium is the work of a few dedicated individuals who see that working together promises to yield more creative synergy.  One of these is Dr. Viola Miglio (pictured) who is of Italian decent, but connected with the Basques while doing research in Iceland--you never know where we can find new friends!  The four charter institutions include Boise State University, the
Center Basque Studies, University of Nevada-Reno; California State University, Bakersfield & the University of California, Santa Barbara


At the 2008 Basque Studies Conference in Bakersfield, the charter academic institutions agreed to move forward on four broad initiatives:
> Exploration of creating a peer-reviewed academic journal for Basque Studies.
> Creation of a pool of shared instructors to provide rotating weekend workshops on Basque related topics
> The next Basque Studies Conference to be held in Nov. 2009 at the University of California, Santa Barbara (details forthcoming); July 2010 at Boise State University
> Signing of a shared mission statement ("Lau Oiloen Ituna") in support of Basque Studies

The conference concluded with the signing of the "Lau Oiloen Ituna" or "Four Chicken's Letter"  It makes a bit more sense in Basque. Lau oilo is literally "four chickens" which is a Basque phrase for saying we are not that many; in Spanish it's "cuatro gatos."  In this case it's literal as well, because it's about four institutions joining together to affirm a set of shared objectives to be adapted to each institutions working structure.  These include:
> Work together to develop an ongoing network of collaboration to implement the study, research, teaching and diffusion of the Basque language, culture & history.
> Pursue the commitment of academic institutions to initiate, develop and collectively enhance Basque Studies in our campus programs
> Promote the development of supporting organizations and programs for Basque Studies, such as the Basque Studies Consortium
> Attract government agencies, Basque communities all over the world, public or private institutions and individuals to the shared goal of bringing Basque Studies to a higher level of quality and excellence.
To see the complete document click on Lau Oiloen Ituna (pdf format)

NABO's involvement in this endeavor is at the associate level for non-academic (i.e., not formally an educational institution) organizations that nevertheless look to remain involved in Basque Studies.  In NABO's case, this partnership assists its pursuit of its ultimate objective of preserving Basque culture, via the formula Recreate + Educate = Perpetuate


MEMBERS-NON ACADEMIC ORGANIZATIONS. Another category of membership in the Consortium is for associated (non-academic) organizations with an interest in Basque Studies.  This is where NABO form of participation, as this endeavor goes to NABO's pursuit of the formula of Recreate + Educate = Perpetuate

  The image at left is the guiding principle of the Basque Studies Consortium:  "rowing together" to mutually support efforts in Basque Studies. 

MEMBERS-INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED/INTERESTED. There is also another category for affiliation for individuals doing work and/or interested in staying abreast of work in Basque Studies.  Many college-based researchers doing work in Basque Studies are not directly affiliated with a formal Basque Studies program on their campus.  Others are amateur researchers while more are just individuals that want to learn more.  They too are welcomed to participate and be a part of growing Basque Studies.

Many interested in Basque Studies are not necessarily affiliated with a Basque Studies program at a University.  This category embraces interested individuals interested / doing work in Basque Studies.  Bakersfield's Steve Bass, for example, continues to do work on compiling a chronology of Basques in the Americas.  To view that click on Chronology of Basques

Participants of the 2008 Bakersfield Basque Studies Conference



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