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  Izan ziralako, gara, eta garalako izango dira  
"Because they were, we are, and because we are they will be"
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Eguberri eta
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Feliz Navidad y
Prospero A
ño Nuevo!

Joyeux No
ël et
Bonne Ann





NABO is working to facilitate a project initiated by the Basque Government to catalogue the mention of Basques in U.S. newspapers.  This will then serve as a database for future research.

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The Autonomous Basque Government of Euskadi is currently developing a project to compile data on Basque immigration that was published since 1876.  The work has commenced to digitize and catalogue items that refer to Basques in the  newspapers from throughout the Americas.  To date this research has yielded 12 DVDs with
180.000 digitial pages of Basque references in South American newspapers.  This project now shifts to North America with an ongoing effort to digitize and/or photograph news that touches on the Basques over the last century in newspapers of areas where Basques are concentrated.

The project's objective is to promote investigations of Basque immigration in a trans-American comparison, and this effort will serve as a database.  There is no economic gain from this endeavor; compiled data will not be sold.  To make this viable, each newspaper is being asked for permission to cite their work. 

Compilation and Digitalization of News about the Basque Country and the Basque Communities

José Bernardo MARCILESE

The project has several proposed phases (see below) that hopes to involve the Basque clubs along with interested universities:

Methodology.  Somewhere in the item the word Basque must be referenced, or a Basque symbol used. It is very specific to how the outside world has perceived/depicted the Basques in printed media. 

Initial focus.  The three states with the largest Basque populations are California, Idaho & Nevada (in that order).  Thus the initial phase will concentrate on these population centers.

Coordination.  We are looking to identify regional coordinators that will oversee the work of biltzaileak (collectors).

Pay & property rights:  Collectors are paid $1 per item found.  In return, they agree to sign a document that renounces their claim to the data's use for the greater good of the project. 

2008:  Idaho / eastern Oregon regional analysis up and running.  Develop a viable model that we can then utilize in a larger scope of analysis
2009:  Initiate Nevada & California?

Contacts at present they are:
Patty Miller, Basque Museum & Cultural Center
John Bieter, Ph.D., Basque Studies at Boise State
John Ysursa, NABO Faciliator

Initial newspaper sources for Idaho/Oregon region:
The Idaho Statesman (Boise area daily)
Times News (Twin Falls daily)
The Idaho Register (Catholic  weekly)
Burns Times Herald (eastern Oregon)
Argus Observer (Ontario, OR)

Q: It appears that NABO will be in charge of this will BSU and UNR or other universities be involved?
A: Yes & no.  There's no real issue of turf here, but we do have to tread lightly and make sure all the bases are covered.  NABO's involvement is to the extent that Josu Legarreta really wants to see this happen, so he's pushing various ways to get this done.  So NABO is the facilitator, whereas most all of the work will be done by university groups it is assumed.

Q: Is there a general database already developed that can be used or would the project have to create its own?
A:  There is already a preset template using FileMaker that will be provided. 

Q: If there is a general database, will there be training available for the coordinators and collectors?
A: There is also an introductory PowerPoint for the collectors that will be translated (as soon as I get a copy of the PowerPoint--it never made it onto the disc that was burned for me).

Q: What protocol (i.e., years and newspapers searched) will be used for data gathering and how will that be determined?
A: This has already been established; what each community needs to fine tailor is a list of publications (newspapers) in the area to examine.  In the case of Boise, it's pretty straight forward with the Idaho Stateman.

Q: Who will be recruited for the collector positions?
A: People who are interested and competent, and want to make some money.

Q: Beside the $1/item found, what other resources will be available to collectors (i.e., university credit, equipment use, etc.)?
A: University credit is possible and can probably be negotiated.  Equipment for this is each person having a notebook computer.  Most have these already; we just need to load the FileMaker program onto the computer.  Additional equipment depends on the source being utilized; e.g., is it just micofiche, etc.

Q: What time commitment will be expected of the regional coordinator?
A:  The Americas goal is 25,000 items for this year.  That's a big chunk though most will likely derive from South America.  Nevertheless, the incentive is $1 per item so it becomes a self-motivating project.

Q: What resources will be available to the regional coordinator (i.e., funds, equipment use, office space, etc.)?
A:  We can probably work something out for space at either BSU or the Museum (we'll need to hear from John & Patty on this possibility).  Equipment again is the computer program.

Q: Will this project be able to include an oral history component for the first generation Basques that have yet to be recorded?
A;  This project is very specific and does not include this oral history at this time though it might be able to grow in that direction.

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