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  Izan ziralako, gara, eta garalako izango dira  
"Because they were, we are, and because we are they will be"
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Eguberri eta
Urte Berri On!

Merry Christmas &
Happy New Year!

Feliz Navidad y
Prospero A
ño Nuevo!

Joyeux No
ël et
Bonne Ann





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Gaztemundu is a Basque Government program for the youth of Basque clubs from around the world since 1996.  This offers an opportunity to travel to the Basque country and partake in a two week program aimed this year at developing collaborators for the new website of global Basques  The flights, room & board are paid--it's a sweet deal. 

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A hard copy (no email or fax) application in Spanish or Basque (see below) must be received by May 25, 2009 at:

Gaztemundu 2009
Presidencia del Gobierno-Lehendakaritza
Secretaría General de Acción Exterior
c/Navarra, número 2
01007 Vitoria-Gasteiz

Applications are rejected if received after the due date
More info at


Complete Basque/English declaration from Basque Government website

Dates: July 12-24

Objective:  to create a team of collaborators to provide content and the ongoing development of the shared Basque Diaspora website

Maximum number of participants: 45

Age: be at least 18 years as at January 1, 2009

Residence: must residence outside the territory of the Autonomous Community of Euskadi.

Membership: At least three years in an officially recognized and registered Basque club with the Basque Government.

Required material:  Submission of a collection and analysis of 200 items (photographs, audio or video) related to your local Basque center.

Assessment of applications: is according to the following criteria:

a) Valoración del trabajo de análisis o estudio.
Criterion A: Assessment of the analysis work or study
It is desirable that the materials submitted are not already collected at the in, and relating to the history of your local Basque club (up 15 points); which
materials may be classified along the lines referred
Basques and the centers that provide information
detailed as possible (up to 15 points); and explanation as to the significance of this material for your Basque club (10 points).

Hasta 40 puntos
Up to 40 points

b) Grado de participación de la persona solicitante en la vida social del Centro Vasco–Euskal Etxea al que pertenece.
Extent of participation of the applicant in the social life of the local Basque club.  Role in the organization, development and/or participation in various activities of the center and participation in governing bodies (35 points).

Hasta 35 puntos

c) Conocimiento de euskera.
Knowledge of the Basque language: 5 points to the basic level of knowledge, 10 for average degree of knowledge and knowledge, and 15 for a high degree.

Hasta 15 puntos

d) No haber visitado el País Vasco.
Not having visited the Basque Country:  10 points to those who have never visited the Basque Country.

Hasta 10 puntos

To be placed in the selection procedure applications must obtain at least 50 points




Nombre y apellidos:
First & Last Names

Fecha de nacimiento:
Date of Birth

Lugar de nacimiento y pais:
Birthplace & country

Dirección postal y codigo postal:
Mailing address & zip code


Centro Vasco al que pertenece:
Basque club member


Estudios realizados o en realización (señalar curso)

Trabaja actualmente   Sí   No
Are you employed?

En caso afirmativo, en qué profesión y puesto:
If yes, what is your job?


Idioma materno:
Native language

Otros idiomas:
Other languages
 Nivel básico Nivel medio Nivel alto

Euskara:  Nivel básico      Nivel medio       Nivel alto

Castellano:  Nivel básico      Nivel medio       Nivel alto

Inglés:  Nivel básico      Nivel medio       Nivel alto

Francés:  Nivel básico      Nivel medio       Nivel alto

Otro (especificar)

Indique cuántas veces ha visitado Euskadi y en qué años:
How many times have you been to Euskadi; what years?

Indique las razones para participar en Gaztemundu:
What are your reasons for wanting to participate in Gaztemundu?

La persona solicitante no se encuentra sancionada penal ni administrativamente con la pérdida de la posibilidad de obtención de subvenciones o ayudas públicas, ni se halla incursa en prohibición legal alguna que la inhabilite para ello.

Fecha y firma:

* Junto a este impreso se debe presentar la documentación señalada en la base quinta apartado 2 de la Resolución de convocatoria.
Also include:

a) Copy of passport or identity card which proving the age and place of residence.

b) Proof of membership in your local Basque club prepared by a board member taht affirms your membership for at least three years in an officially recognized and registered Basque Center with the Basque Government.  This should acknowledge the responsibility to repay the cost which is generated by the contractor in case of default, and must attach a report on the extent of participation of the individual in the social life of the applicant.
c) Collection in optical, 200 elements (pictures, audios and videos) related to the historical center of Basque origin, along with cataloging and analysis.

d) Supporting documentation of knowledge of Basque.


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