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  Izan ziralako, gara, eta garalako izango dira  
"Because they were, we are, and because we are they will be"
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Eguberri eta
Urte Berri On!

Merry Christmas &
Happy New Year!

Feliz Navidad y
Prospero A
ño Nuevo!

Joyeux No
ël et
Bonne Ann






We receive regular inquires about touring the Basque Country which is understandable--it's a great place to see and experience.  While NABO does not have a program of our own in place, there are various options available to plan your trip to the Basque Country.  Here are some of them:

Basque Eusk 2009.  Here is our new program for those Basques from the Disapora.  As every year we offer you the possibility to come and enjoy the Basque Country in a trip full of emotions, especially dedicated to the Euskal Etxeak.

… This summer you would like to come to the Basque Country. But you still
don’t know if you would come by yourself, how long you would stay and
where to start your journey.

Perhaps you’d like to learn more about your Basque roots? But how could
you find the place where your ancestors used to live? Do you still have
some family living there?

Or maybe you’re just eager to discover more about the Basque gastronomy,
its folklore or its festivals?

Where are you going to sleep? And what about transportation?
Do you know the best spots to relax and enjoy? What are the good places to
have lunch or dinner? What’s the best season to enjoy it properly?

You don’t speak Basque well, nor Spanish or French? Would it be a problem?

Well, if you’ve asked yourself these questions before, you now have found
someone to answer them.


To find out more, have a look at our web page on
If you want to sign up, you can do it directly through our web page or
print out and fax the PDF application form to + 34 94 465 60 03

June 15th is the deadline to sign up

For more information contact Matt

PRIVATE SOURCE:  A tour arranged by a Basque-American for October 2008

“Anita” Anacabe Franzoia, born and raised in Elko, Nevada.  I have owned and managed Anacabe’s Elko General Merchandise since before graduating from Boise State University with a degree in Business Education and a minor in Spanish.  I am adjunt faculty at Great Basin College where I have taught Spanish in the past and continue to teach Euskera/Basque.  Adding up all my stays, I have lived in the Basque Country for over 3 years.  I am involved in the following:  Elko Euskaldunak, North American Basque Organization, member of several other Basque clubs, advisory boards for Nursing at GBC & Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada and President elect for 2010 of Desert Sunrise Rotary Club.  I am married to Mike Franzoia, Mayor of Elko, and have 4 children that are very involved with the Basque language and culture also.

Hello/KAIXO one and all that are interested in the trip in October and those that have already signed up!

Attached is the entire contract as I signed it.  If we get 35+ on the trip we will get that best price of $1995 + the departure fee if you are flying with us.  Note the land only price is there for those of you just wanting to join us for the tour.  You might want to save your sky miles for the inexpensive flight anyway but those of you traveling Europe, we'll see you in Madrid.  The prices are for double occupancy and for single would be $30 per night extra.

Ten days total might be just right for some, too short for others; but if you're not going with us I hope you're making other plans, just do it.  I hope to open doors for some to return and for others this may be your only trip there and I hope it will be a good one!

I'm at my business "Anacabe's=Elko General Merchandise" 9-6 until the 24th of June and if you're from out of town that toll free is:  1-800-821-3556

At any other time please use my mobile number:  775-389-9300

I'm also attaching a newsletter version that you can pass along to your friends & club members.  If you have 6 people, other than yourself, to sign up, call me for a deal!

Here's how to sign up if you'd like:

1.  Go to
2.  On the bottom right, under "Get Started," select "Enroll in Your Teacher's Tour"
3.  Enter the tour number:  555553
4.  Follow the instructions on the registration page

EF tours is taking me to Paris in July to find out how they work.  On that trip I will be creating materials for those of you going.  I can share basic Basque and Spanish vocabularies, reading lists, city guide information and more.  For those of us close to Elko, a barbeque or get-together would be nice too.  Those with family there, let's get the information so we can start planning that Saturday in and around Bilbao!

To see the itinerary for this trip, click on Anacabe tour itinerary or to see the newsletter version

PUBLIC SOURCE:  the tourism department of the Autonomous Basque Government of Euskadi.  See their website at:

PRIVATE SOURCE:  There is a new program for those Basques that live outside of the Basque Country:  basque eusk 2008

...This summer I would like to go to the Basque Country but where to? And by myself and just for 2 weeks...
...I would like to learn about my roots, my ancestors, but where do I start? With my last name? With the town? With family?...
...Where am I going to sleep? And what about transportation? What can I learn about if I go by myself? What are good places to have lucnh or dinner?...
....I don't speak Basque well, nor spanish or french. Will I have a problem because of that?

If you have asked yourself these questions before, now you have someone to answer them.


To find out more, have a look at our web page and click on basque eusk 2008 .. If you would like to sign up, you can do that directly through our web page or print out and fax the pdf application form to 011 34 94 630 81 99(fax)   May 15 is the deadline to sign up

PRIVATE SOURCE:  Tour the Basque Country on bikes!  Click on to find out more.



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