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JOSEBA ETXARRI: "Still no Diaspora director"

Following the election last Fall, the new leadership of the Basque Government has yet to announce replacements for a Director of Relations with Basques abroad.  Commenting on the current state of affairs is Joseba Etxarri in this excerpt from his online editorial for 

Originally posted at (June 9, 2009)
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Berriz arte to our Basque Government friends

A new week and we continue as we were with regard to the appointment by the Basque government of [someone to replace Josu Legarreta who was removed from his position of Director of Relations with Basques abroad] to be responsible for issues of the Diaspora. Yesterday was Tuesday, the day of the week when the Governing Council makes executive decisions. Well, yesterday it was not convened:  this week there will be no Governing Council.

It seems that there is no hurry to appoint a replacement.  And the truth is that the technicians and officials of the Directorate for Relations with Basque abroad have continued their work without [a director], but once the administrative work is done, it's time for training programs such as Gaztemundu that require a selection of participants, that without having appointed the Secretary General of Foreign affairs, there is no quorum to proceed.  Gaztemundu is slated to begin July 12 in Vitoria-Gasteiz and the applicants are still awaiting word whether they have been selected or not making travel arrangements from throughout the Americas, Europe and possibly Australia to come to Vitoria-Gasteiz in the middle of high season problematical.

Clearly time is necessary if the appointment is about finding the best person, male or female, most appropriate for this position.  The appointment of a person to coordinate relations between Euskadi and the Diaspora is not the same as appointing a director of Industry and Tourism.  In addition to the training and skills required of people at this level in the organization, the Director of Relations with the Diaspora must be a person who is motivating and friendly, capable of encouraging and working through the aspirations of thousands of people make up your 'business'. The actions of this department of the Basque Government impacts thousands of Basque people in the Diaspora, people who are part of a structure of Basque courses, for example, but whose presence and action is based on that of voluntary organizations rather than a hierarchical business model.

I wish every success to the appointment, for the sake of the Diaspora.  If you appoint a person who already knows the Diaspora or belong to it, the better. If not, they will appreciate the goodwill of the person concerned. If there is no prior knowledge, at least there is respect. Because of the fact that the Diaspora must be approached with respect, respect for honest work and volunteerism.  One key aim is to support creating and providing opportunities for young people, through ongoing action to be reached by applying the general approach with mutual respect, listening, sharing, proposing and cooperation with a spirit of service.  The motivation and the encouragement of hope, namely to encourage and make people feel involved and included are aspects that become particularly important. For these and other reasons, information, awareness and knowledge of the Diaspora is crucial for the new director. 


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