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  Izan ziralako, gara, eta garalako izango dira  
"Because they were, we are, and because we are they will be"
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Eguberri eta
Urte Berri On!

Merry Christmas &
Happy New Year!

Feliz Navidad y
Prospero A
ño Nuevo!

Joyeux No
ël et
Bonne Ann




Letter from Aita Martxel Tillous

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Aita Martxel Tillous: Goian Bego -- R.I.P.

Dear Friends,

In spite of the distances, the end of the year festivities gives us the occasion to get closer together to one another even more than usual and be assured that you are all present in my heart and prayers.

To you all, a joyous Christmas and may the most cherished wishes that you keep in the bottom of your heart come true in the new year.

My illness is progressing slowly, but without doubt, surely.  I am waiting in faith and serenity for the day that will take me on the big trip toward the Lord—whenever He wants.  My life is in His hands.  Thank you for all your prayers and the friendship you keep on showing me.

During all the years I have spent among you, I have so many times had the occasion to appreciate your hospitality, your sympathy, and your friendship while sharing a meal, a night or several nights.  The life of a Basque Chaplain is not always easy.  First of all, you have to like solitude with all the time spent on those long freeways of the American West.  You have been like those bright and warm stars in the middle of those freezing nights.

When Monsignor Moleres, Bishop of Bayonne, visited us six years ago he said, “It looks like your houses are meant for welcoming.”  So many times I have had the opportunity to experience it.  I would like to thank the Basque Cultural Center of San Francisco, in particular, for having offered me hospitality and financial support during more than ten years.  Thank you, also, to other clubs for their support:  San Francisco Basque Club, Marin Sonoma Basque Club, Kern County Basque Club, Chino Basque Club, Ventura Basque Club, Utah Basque Club, Wyoming Basque Club, Montana Basque Club and so many more who, individually, supported me financially because, as you know, the Basque Chaplain has not received any help from his diocese of origin nor from any American diocese.

I leave it to the Lord to thank you all in the way that He sees fit.  He will do it much better than I could.  To you all, again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

With warmest hugs to all,
Aita Martxel

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