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  Izan ziralako, gara, eta garalako izango dira  
"Because they were, we are, and because we are they will be"
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Eguberri eta
Urte Berri On!

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Feliz Navidad y
Prospero A
ño Nuevo!

Joyeux No
ël et
Bonne Ann




BERRIZ ARTE:  Letters of Farewell

With the change of leadership in the Autonomous Basque Government of Euskadi (May 2009), many of our long-time contacts and friends will now be replaced with new political appointments.  On a personal level, it was a pleasure to work with these people who always treated us well--and we want to wish them the best in their new endeavors.  This personal feeling is reciprocated in these excerpts from farewell letters:

served as Secretary General for Foreign Affairs

At the personal level, I did not want to leave office as a representative of the Basque Government without saying goodbye to all of you.  ... I have felt lucky and honored by the many opportunities to share your life experiences in the Euskal Etxeak and learned from you and although I have not been able to know all and each club in the world, I am certain to have visited all the countries where there were organized Basque Communities exist.  In each case I have witnessed how due to your enormous efforts, you have maintained the Basque flame worldwide; keeping our common heritage (our culture, language, personality and values) alive wherever there is a Basque club or community.

I feel blessed for having had the opportunity to share many conversations and face to face contacts with you.  This field work and personal contact in the long run and from the human point of view have given me the opportunity to learn much and enrich myself enormously. All this has been possible thanks to your generosity and tolerance. For that reason, I wanted to thank you all for the patience and contributions you have offer me during all these years.  Lastly, I wanted to request excuses for all the errors that I could have committed in all these years.   Bihotz, bihotzez, mila esker guztioi eta besarkada bero bat.

Inaki Aguirre

The Basque Autonomous Government of Euskadi consists of the three historical regions of Araba, Bizkaia & Gipuzkoa.  Over the last years they have endeavored to support various Basque cultural endeavors here in the Basque Diaspora online at www.euskadi.netTo these people here, and to others with whom we have collaborated over the years, we express our gratitude and wish them well in their new endeavors. 


Josu Legarreta
Former director of the Office of Relations with Basque Communities

After twenty years of working and friendship, I want to show you my gratefulness and congratulation for immense tasks accomplished and the many initiatives you have developed in support of Basque culture and identity.  I want to thank all and each of the clubs, institutions and individuals that have helped me in doing my public duty more efficient.   But beyond the public sphere there is personal experience that is far more moving and important.  I want to show my enormous gratitude for the enormous personal enrichment I got through my relation with you. Through this I have been able to apprehend and to appreciate the diversity, enormous wealth, formidable creativity and tenacity that characterize the Basques of the world.  This experience has lead to me to an important personal evolution understanding the following: he or she who only knows the Basque homeland does not know all about Euskal Herria, because you [in the Diaspora] are, without a doubt a very important part of this reality that deserves to be considered and in no way, can be ignored, especially when speaking about the past history and the contemporary reality of the Basque Country today.  

Euskadi, that very linguistically means "set of Basques", is the country that encompasses all the Basques of the world, those living in the historic homeland in Europe, as well as those living anywhere in the world.  I feel united to all you and a forever part of the Euskaletxeak worldwide community.  I want to invite you to continue working for the promotion of Basqueness and the solidarity between those who are members of the Basque community as well as to promote stronger Basque Clubs.  Only from this perspective we can guarantee a successful future at the local level while promoting the development of common programs and fruitful relations between the Basque Country and the countries in which you live.  I reiterate my gratefulness and congratulation: Eskerrik asko bihotz-bihotzez eta Zorionak.   

Josu Legarreta


Joseba Arregi (speaking) with Josu Legarreta as representatives from the Basque Autonomous Government of Euskadi when they attended our last NABO Convention
2008 in Chino, CA 


Joseba Arregi
Served in the Office of Relations with the Basque Communities

As I finish my last day of work here, I could not depart without a few words of gratitude for the good moments. When I started working here with Josu [Legarreta, former director of the Office of Relations with Basque Communities] Iñaki [Aguirre, former Secretary of External Affairs] in Basque Diaspora relations, we had the challenges of moving initiatives from theory to policy to practice.  Back then I could not have imagined the tremendous honor and enjoyable experiences that this would have given me.  ...You are all real heroes: men and women, young and old, in the midst of great difficulties fighting tenaciously to preserve the legacy, ideals and values of our elders.

You taught me what it means to have Basque pride.  You taught me that international relations, above all, is about personal relations and Euskal Herria extends well beyond the territorial boundaries of the historical seven provinces of Europe.  There is a bit of Euskadi in every Basque club, and in each and every corner where there is a Basque man or woman.  It is there on that individual level where the idea of belonging and community is perpetuated.

Thanks for the chats, many shared from the heart, and the opened doors you showed me.  Thanks for having learned to move beyond my prejudices to show me so many aspects of your localities and countries. Thanks for having received the "Basque Arregi."  I do not hesitate to confess that I am a better person thanks to you than I was three years ago.  I leave with the pride of having done my job the best way that I could, and I believe that I received much more in return than I gave.  May we continue to find ways to reciprocate your love for the Basque Country and continue working with you, so that we European Basques will know more about the richness, diversity and complexity of the Basque global Diaspora.

Agur bat bihotz bihotzez eta aintza eta ohore munduko Euskaldun guztiontzat.
Berriz arte--until we meet again,

Joseba Arregi


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