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"Because they were, we are, and because we are they will be"
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ARTISTAK: Shared Basque Performer Tours

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This program has been adjusted; clubs can request aid for touring groups directly in their annual requests

OREKA TX.  The BEO is proposing a fall 2008 Basque Government sponsored Basque Culture Tour involving the Oreka TX (Txalaparta group) and their documentary film, Nomadak TX. The film is about Oreka TX’s journey to nomadic people (Lapland, Sahara, Mongolia, India) and their musical exchanges with the txalaparta (below is a nice write-up by Sky Sitney. The performance at the Basque Clubs could be a mixture of live performance with a 10 or 15 minute exhibition then a film viewing and then a chance to discuss the content of the film with the artists. While the group is in town they can also present/ demonstrate at the local university during the day and/or evening, which could be in the music department, film department etc.  The official website is and you have some video clips at
Review by Sky Sitney:
ARGIA DANTZARI TALDEA.  In conjunction with the 2009 NABO Convention, the proposal was to bring over a group of ten dancers.  

GOAL. The Basque Government has created a special fund to send over Basque performers for a broad tour of our Basque communities.  The objectives are threefold:  to 1) help animate our Basque community with something out-of-the-ordinary; 2) reveal some of the new Basque artists and their works; and 3) get our area clubs/organizations working together on some joint events. 

REQUIRED. Several Basque clubs need to work together to coordinate this.  The performers are not paid a performance fee—they come over with the understanding that their travel is covered.  While the Basque Government provides funds for travel, each host community is responsible for arranging a performance and negotiating lodging and food for the performers while they are there.  Then after a few days, they move on to the next Basque community.

APPLICATION. Nominating individual/groups: A hard copy (no email or fax) application in Spanish or Basque must be received by TBA at:

Euskara application form     Spanish application form

Giras Culturales
Presidencia del Gobierno Vasco-Lehendakaritza
Secretaría General de Acción Exterior
Calle Navarra, número 2,
01007 Vitoria-Gasteiz
Euskadi SPAIN

We'll have to move quickly amongst ourselves to 1) identify one or two groups to bring over and 2) decide how to best distribute these among hosting communities.

AUKERAN DANTZA KONPAINIA.  El año pasado, mostraste interés en el último espectáculo de la compañía, BIDEAK, y por eso nos ponemos en contacto contigo para contarte un poco como le ha ido a lo largo de este año.  La obra está teniendo mucho éxito y ya ha sido presentada en muchos lugares de Euskadi: Gasteiz, Donostia, Oiartzun, Zarautz, Elorrio, Aia, Sestao, Durango, Zornotza, Ataun, Leioa, Basauri, Idiazabal, Orio, Zumarraga, Zaldibar, Gernika, Galdakao, Elgeta, Bergara, Beasain, Azpeitia, Tolosa...   También, después de actuar en el Victoria Eugenia de Donostia en el marco de la inauguración del Teatro, Aukeran actuó en el Festival Internacional Dansa a Elx (Comunidad Valenciana) y obtuvo muy buena acogida. Hace poco, BIDEAK se programó en la Fira Mediterránia de Manresa, y se presentará el próximo 18 de diciembre en el Arriaga de Bilbao.
Video clip:
Mikel Urdangarin and his group was also here in the US performing in San Francisco & Reno.  This second tour could expand that scope.
Urko Menaia.  Singer of traditional ballads
Antzerki dantza taldea

New show "Nortasunaren bila" (In search of an identity). This is a musical show in the form of a fairy tale in which a young girl, who lives in our current, individualistic society, feels the need to to learn about the past of her country and begins a journey in search of her roots.

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Previous Basque cultural tours include:

< < In Dec. 2007 Ion Garmendia & Inaki Plaza toured three Basque communities in the Boise area, Chino & Washington D.C.  To read more click on Txalaparta Tour

>> Juan Mari Beltran & his band performed in three communities.  Click on Beltran tour

<< The group Kukai has been here twice with two different shows, including Kupeletan Erronka & 1937.  The latest profiled the story of the exiled Basque children during the Spanish Civil War. 


>>  Mikel Urdangarin and his group was also here in the US performing in San Francisco & Reno.



<< The Basque hard-rock bands Berri Txarrak & Betagarri. The NABO sponsoring organizations were SF Anaitasuna Basque Club, BEO, Reno Basque Club & Boise’s Euzkaldunak.

>> Previously Kepa Junkera  performed in several Basque communities.

<< The group Alboka featuring Joxan Goikoetxea & Alan Griffin has made two trips here already to perform in concert.

> > We have also had visits from Tapia eta Leturia on several occasions.





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