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"Because they were, we are, and because we are they will be"
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 Aurrera goaz

World Congress of Basque Communities

The Basque Government, through the Directorate for Relations with Basque Communities, every four years hosts a World Congress that assembles delegates from most all Basque communities from around the world for a week-long assembly to exchange ideas and create viable networks of cooperation.

Congreso Mundial de Colectividades Vascas

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IV Congress of Basque Communities for what happened at the last Congress in July 2007

GENERAL CONGRESS INFORMATION. The Basque disapora is the name given to describe people of Basque origin/identity living outside their traditional homeland of "Euskal Herria" on the borders between Spain and France.  Over the centuries many Basques left the Basque Country for other parts of the globe for economic and political reasons, with substantial populations in Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and the United States.  There are also Basque communities that have formed in many major European cities such as Paris and Madrid. 


The main goal of the Congress is to promote the meeting and collaboration among Basque communities, Basque clubs, federations and confederations of Basque clubs, and Basque institutions.

There are many Basque entities around the world the comprise the Basque Diaspora.  The image at right (click to enlarge) notes many of these from a few years ago.



In 1994 the Autonomous Basque Government of Euskadi (consisting of the union of three historical Basque regions Araba, Bizkaia & Gipuzkoa) instituted a law that every four years a World Congress will be held in order to promote the encounter and relations among the Basque Clubs and Communities and the Basque institutions. The law also detailed how it was to be organized, including three representatives coming from each country with a registered Federation of Basque Clubs, or from countries without a Federation but registered Basque Clubs, as full voting members.  The vote is important for the final declarations that conclude each Congress with an agenda for the next four years for the Basque Government and the various Basque communities in the Basque Diaspora.  A handful of other guests (non-voting) are also extended invitations to attend.  In the case of the United States delegation, NABO delegates select them from a list of candidates (Congress delegate app )



Since 1994, three Congresses have been held with a fourth upcoming:

> 1995: 1st Congress of Basque Communities: “Etorkizuna eraikitzen”
> 1999: 2nd Congress of Basque Communities: “Euskadi Munduan eraikitzen”
> 2003: 3rd Congress of Basque Communities: “Aurrera goaz"
> 2007: 4th Congress of Basque Communities: "Zubigintzan"

Click on the image at left to learn more about the Basque Disapora.

The first three Congresses were all celebrated in Vitoria-Gastiez, the capital of the Autonomous Government Region.  The IV Congress however will take place in Bilbao, the largest city in the Basque Country and home to the world renowned Guggenheim Museum.  This latest installment is using the motto "Zubigintzan" which means "building bridges."  The aim is to promote and open new communication ways among individuals, associations, companies and governments, building bridges in many different directions with the main goal of narrowing the distance between the Basque Country and its Diaspora.


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4th Congress of Basque Communities for more information about the upcoming Congress in Bilbao during the second week of July at the Euskaldun Convention Center (image at left).


Beginning on a Monday the Congress commences with an opening ceremony where the delegates are greeted by leading representatives of the Basque Government including the Lehendakari or President.  During the week delegates hear presentations/talks by various invited speakers related to the Congress' theme.  There are also various break-out group discussions focused on specific aspects of developing a joint four-year plan.  One beneficial feature is the opportunity to meet people from throughout the Diaspora and perhaps create new networks of communication and interaction.  The Congress concludes on Friday with a formal
document based on the deliberations of the Congress.


Click on IV Congress of Basque Communities for the latest one!


To find out more go to the Basque Government's website at:
Basque Government IV World Congress


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