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  Izan ziralako, gara, eta garalako izango dira  
"Because they were, we are, and because we are they will be"
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Eguberri eta
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Feliz Navidad y
Prospero A
ño Nuevo!

Joyeux No
ël et
Bonne Ann






Deadline:  May 5, 2009 (in their office that day).

The window for applications is now open.  This year's application format follow that of last year.  The official declarations are available at the Basque Government's website 

There are some important changes to the application process for this year.  The complete texts can be accessed in Spanish or Euskera The process may take up to six months to complete.  This year the available funds for distribution include 962,927euros (Ch. IV) for cultural projects, and 429,395euros (Ch. VII) for infrastructure. Significant changes this year that include that each application will require a four year plan formulation (and your requests conforming to that long-term vision). Keep this in mind as you prepare your request statement(s).  Funding this time around will be given to these areas (though not just these) as voted by the last Congress: Youth, Women, Exterior image & communication, Basque memory initiatives.  Requests will be in dollars (and they will adjust them to Euros).  It is also requested that recipients please include an acknowledgement of the support of the Basque Government in announcements, posters, projects etc. for the specific item funded.  New criteria for points awarded (making the selection process more transparent).  You can see this below and these points can be used in preparing your application.

Much however remains the same for 2008, including payments being made in two parts (initially 75% / 25% after receipted), requests requiring 100% receipts (means you can’t double, triple your request hoping to get something less) or return the sum, and applications must be in either Spanish or Basque.  The BG is now mandated to track the participation of women in various endeavors, specifically here, they want to know the level of participation of women in your organization. What if any role do they play in this grant request?  You cannot use money awarded in one category for another, that is to say, if you request money in capitulo IV (activities, programs,etc) it must be spent there and not for capitulo VII (infrastructure, computers, etc.).  If not spent in the awarded category, you must return the awarded money to the BG.


PART I: Submission of application

Deadline to apply: May 5, 2009

ONLINE.  This year submissions can be transmitted electronically only if you have already secured your digital cards; (it's too late to request those now) by clicking and uploading your material at teletramitación

PAPER SUBMISSION. Hardcopy applications (no email or fax) must be submitted in either Spanish or Basque and sent to them to be received by them no later than the due date (it is recommended you use express mail)  Send you application material to:

Eusko Jaurlaritzaren Lehendakaritza
Kanpo Harremanetarko Idazkaritiza Nagusia
Presidency of the Basque Government
Calle Navarra, 2
01007 Vitoria-Gasteiz
Euskadi SPAIN


Contact Information:

Nombre y apellidos / Izen-abizenak:  (Name & surname)

Calidad con la que actúa / Zer da:  (Position in organization)

□ Representante legal / Ordezkari legala  (Legal representative)

□ Apoderado o apoderada / Ahalordea duena   (Assigned representative)

Dirección / Helbidea:  (Representative mailing street address)

Ciudad / Herria:  (City)

Código Postal / Posta kodea: (Zip code)

País / Herrialdea: U.S.A.

Teléfono / Telefonoa: (Telephone contact)

Fax / Faxa: (Fax number)

E-mail/Correo electrónico / E-Maila/ Posta elektronikoa: (Contact email)

Organization details

Denominación / Izena:  (Name of Basque organization)

Número de socios / Bazkide kopurua: (Number of members)
Each applicant must submit up-to-date club data as well as membership information.

Dirección / Helbidea:  (Organization’s address)

Ciudad / Herria:  (City)

Código Postal / Posta kodea: (Zip code)

País / Herrialdea: U.S.A.

Teléfono / Telefonoa: (Telephone)

Fax / Faxa: ……………………………

E-mail/Correo electrónico / E-mail / Posta elektronikoa:

Bank information

Nombre del Banco / Bankuaren izena:  (Bank name)

Titular de la cuenta (debe serlo el centro o federación, no una persona física) / Kontuaren titularra (euskal etxeak, federazioak edo konfederazioak izan behar du, ez pertsona fisiko batek):  (Account must be in the name of an organization and not a person)

Número de cuenta (detallando todos los dígitos)/ Kontu zenbakia (zenbaki guztiak adieraziz)  (Account number)

Dirección completa de la sucursal bancaria / Banku sukurtsalaren helbide osoa:
(Bank routing number)

Table of request(s)

NOTE: All requests are to be made in dollars this year; they will make the necessary adjustments to Euros.

In this section, columns B, C & D need to add up to what you have in column A. Note that the Basque Government is interested to see what portion that your organization is prepared to pay.  That is, they want to see how committed you are and also that you are not just looking for a “free ride.”

Total cost

Total being requested from the Basque Govenment

What your organization is prepared to pay

Other sources of financial support that you´re anticipating

Gastos en infraestructura y equipamiento /Azpiegitura etaekipamendu gastuak
Costs of organizational building, infrastructure, equipment. This category is designated capitulo VII.

Gastos corrientes y de organización de programas o actividades / Ohiko gastuak eta programak eta jarduerak antolatzeko gastuak
Current organizational costs of programs &/or activities. This category is designated capitulo IV.

Cover letter items.

Description of the program/activity that you are requesting aid.  Do not just label it, and then again don´t go on for pages elaborating on this.  Strike a balance because they want to have some details about the request.  Futhermore, if you are requesting two or more items, include a list of  priorities, they want to have clear what you consider to be of most importance.

Include a clear budget of costs and income projections for the project(s).  If applying for support in capitulo VII—equipment, buildings, computers, etc., be sure to include an official bid from a professional source, e.g., if wanting to apply for a computer, include a copy of the item´s price from a website, etc.

What was your organization´s operating budget the previous year?  What were the major expenses and sources of income.  The BG wants to have a sense of your financial viability so that money goes to an organization that shows fiscal responsibility.


In response to constructive feedback to make the selection process more transparent and straight-forward, a 100 point scale will be used. You can view the complete Spanish version of this by clicking on the icon:
PDF < Resumen de los cambios en las subvenciones 2008 (pdf, 399kb)

As you go about preparing your application, know that the following criteria will be used to score your application

Capitulo IV-Culture

1. Extent of relations with the Basque Country and the Basque Diaspora, and the degree to which your request accords with the newly approved four-year plan (up to 35 pts distributed as follows):
a. Relations with other Basque clubs around you (max. 10 pts)
b. Relations with the Basque Country in general (max. 10 pts)
c. Relations with Basque clubs of other countries (max. 10 pts)
d. Relations with institutions of the Basque Country that have formalized (max. 5 pts)

2. Consolidation and/or creation of favorable internal cohesion
a. Four-year plan of development (max. 20 pts)
b. Number of members: 1 point for each 100 members; up to 5 pts
c. Degree of club activity; relation to the requests being made  (max. 10 pts)

3. Trajectory of activities; objectives (max. 20 pts)
a. External projection of your organization in the larger community, modes of communication; target audience (max. 5 pts)
b. Adequacy of means and infrastructure to accomplish goals (max. 5 pts)
c. Degree of activity over the last few years (max. 10 pts)

4. Perspective of the programs, activities or events being developed (max. 10 pts)
a. Participation of women on the board of directors (max. 5 pts)
b. Is there positive discrimination to get more women involved (max. 5 pts)

Capitulo VII-Infrastructure

pplications this year will cover only two specific areas: handicap access and catastrophic damage repairs. These two will not show up again in these four years so you must apply at this time; other areas will rotate over the next four years. The point is that funding will be very specific each year for the next four years in this category.  You can view the complete Spanish version of this by clicking on:
PDF < Resumen de los cambios en las subvenciones 2008 (pdf, 399kb)

Here too a scale based on 100 points will be used to rate your request.  The three categories of assessment include:  1. Importance of the addition; 2. Viability of the project; 3. Degree of necessity

PART IV:  Later verifying the expenses.  For that form click on: BG grant receipts This does not go with the initial application but only later if you receive something will you need to verify that the money was spent on what was requested.



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