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  Izan ziralako, gara, eta garalako izango dira  
"Because they were, we are, and because we are they will be"
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Eguberri eta
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Prospero A
ño Nuevo!

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ël et
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Report to NABO Delegates:  Buffalo 2006

At the last NABO meeting of delegates in San Francisco (Feb. 2006) the following items were promised for July.  Here is their status:
Promised project for July 2006 Completed Altered
Hizketa-NABO newsletter X  
Elko Udaleku X  
Elko Kantari Eguna X  
Cenarrusa Ctr Basque Studies:  workshop set for July 27-28 O  
Barnetegia   Follow link
Tunes for dance groups X  
Hi ere dantzari: DVD  sample X  

NABO Delegates Handbook sample


BOGA guide completed for level 1

  Follow link
Other projects done/available    
Touring Photo Exhibit X  
Elkar Ezagutzea-Club X  
Astero Basque updates X  
NABO news & calendar  X  
Basque Govt. programs X  
Basque Educational Sources X  
Membership Drive Material X  



Since the last meeting, I incurred the following costs on projects and am now requesting delegate consent to be reimbursed by NABO for the following.  Since I went ahead with these projects prior to formal delegate approval, I did so understanding that I might well have to pay for this myself if not acceptable.

Touring Photo Exhibit: $489.06
> This entails the poster frames (for durability and transport) that were purchased (14 large ones with multiple photos in each) and the material for the construction of seven easels with which to display them.
Cinema project: $129.90
> NABO was given a set of Basque films on DVDs.  This entails the purchase of a DVD player that reads European DVDs.  The aim is to make these available to NABO member clubs on a loan basis.
Jolasa/Jokua book shipment:  $739.37
> This was not anticipated.  When asked if NABO could receive a shipment of these books (totaling 216 books) Mary and I said yes without really realizing how expensive the shipping would be.  It comes out to $3.45 a book, but these books are well worth it for what they can potentially convey to future teachers.


Promised projects by October 2006    
Youth Director Workshop
Tentatively set for the Center of Basque Studies (UNR) Friday, Oct. 20th
Visiting Basque chefs
Set to visit the three California Basque communities with clubhouses (Sept)
North American Summit
Set to assemble delegations from Canada, Mexico & the U.S. to follow through on the NA of NABO (Sept)
Visiting Instructors
Our first visiting lecturer is Juan Antonio Urbeltz who will be speaking at the universities in Boise, Reno & Bakersfield (Oct)
NABO Delegates Handbook draft for delegates to vote on    
Promoting Euskara Instructor's material / financial aid / hosting instructor /    
Festival Musicians to facilitate getting in contact with local Basque musical bands    
Annual selection of NABO Facilitator by delegates (Gardnerville)    

In the works & in need of collaborators    
Gaztealdi Summer 2007    
Kantuketan Exhibit February 2007    
Cultural Tours    
Youth Directors    
Euskara: Barnetegia model / Euskararen Eguna workshop for instructors    
Hi ere kantari: songbook    
Orhipean-NABO Book    
Bertsolaritza: Introduction    
Basque Film Series    
International Congress    
Bakersfield Basque Studies    
Journal of Basque Studies    
Denver: Basque Soccer    






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