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Learn Basque

Online courses

-Boga: online Euskara learning method developed by the HABE institute. It is taught in euskaltegiak at the Basque Country or at  Basque Clubs all around the world (for free). In English and Spanish

-University of Nevada  Reno Basque online courses (in English)
Elementary Basque I & II

-Euskara online courses by AEK euskaltegiak (Basque immersion method)

-Euskara courses by Bai&By language academy

-Basque courses by Mondragon Lingua language academy

Free online courses (in English and Spanish)

-Basic Basque lessons, in the web of the University of Nevada-Reno (in English)
Center for Basque Studies

-Curso Deusto (in Spanish)
El Correo-Deustuko Unibertsitatea

-Aprende desde cero o a tu propio ritmo (in Spanish)
Ikastaroa - Curso de Euskera

-Curso de euskera, vocabulario, historia, mapas e información general (in Spanish)
Landarbaso - Aitorren Elia

-Anseo initiation à l'euskara (in French)
Anseo Basque course

-Gaztelua - course basque (in French)
Euskara ikasteko metodoa Basque online radio and Euskara courses (in French)

-Learning Zuberoan Basque: course, dictionary... (eu, fr, es, en)
Cours de Basque souletin

Other Basque resources online

-Ikasbil (HABE): exercises, exams, audio, video, jokes recipes and other useful resources

-Ikasten (HABE): teachers' training resources

Online dictionaries

Many Basque dictionaries

-English-Basque, Basque-English
Morris dictionary

-Term Ban in Basque-Spanish-French-English-Latin

-Old sayings in Basque-Spanish-English-Latin
Gotzon Garate

-Basque-Spanish, Spanish-Basque
Diccionario Elhuyar Hiztegia

-Basque-Spanish, Spanish-Basque
Diccionario 3000 Hiztegia

-Encyclopedia in Basque
Harluxet Entziklopedia

-Other Basque encyclopedia
Entziklopedia Laburra

-Synonimous and antonymous in Basque
Sinonimoen Hiztegi Antonimoduna

-Euskaltzaindia's Basque language dictionary
Euskaltzaindiaren Hiztegi Batua

-Basque synonimous dictionary
Diccionario Uzei de Sinónimos

Software in Basque

-Euskalbar 3.2, a plug-in that adds Basque, English, Spanish, French dic. to the navigation bar

-Xuxen, automatic spell checker

Games to practice your Basque

-Check your basic Basque (in English):
Basic Basque

-At the blog Euskaljakintza
Euskal ariketak

(if you know about other resources, please e-mail them  here. Mila esker)