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Besta Berri Dance Group Chino California United States (USA)

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United States (USA)
For the last NABO convention held in Chino a local group prepared a wonderful presentation of a colorful tradition from Baxenabarre and Lapurdi called Besta Berri. This group only performs Besta Berri, usually once a year in September along with Chino&#8217;s annual picnic. They have performed, however, for other special occasions like the NABO&#8217;s 2000 Convention that was held in conjunction with Jaialdi in Boise Idaho. Plans are also being made to perform at this year&#8217;s convention in San Francisco.<br><br> The dancers are from different generations from both the Basque Country and the states. The oldest are in their 70s while the youngest are in their 20s. Those that learned Besta Berri in the Basque Country taught it to the other members in Chino with the help of John Ysursa&#8217;s video and guidance. They are a lively group that enjoys a lot of success. Every year new characters are incorporated. Even though some may think that the <i>real</i> Besta Berri can only be found in the Basque Country, the Chino group&#8217;s efforts and passion make up for not being there.