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'Caldwell-eko Eusko Dantzariak' Dance Group Homedale Idaho United States (USA)

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The Caldwell'eko Eusko Dantzariak started in September of 1980 with the help of Sabino Goitiandia and the Caldwell Euzkaldunak. Sabino had asked several times Gloria Lejardi to teach a class in Caldwell and when finaly she accepted, he and his wife Carmen contacted the families and arranged for a place to practice. The first year they had about 20 children, and currently they have about 40 children ages 5-14.<br><br> In early years Jim Jausoro and the late Domingo Ansotegui from Boise accompanied them with their life music, and now Jim is playing with Juan Zulaika. What is most unique about the group is that they represent families from Caldwell surrounding areas that otherwise might not be able to take their children to Boise to learn. They have kids from Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell, Parma, Homedale and Marsing.<br><br> The director of the group is Gloria Garatea Lejardi, a boisean that learned Basque dance, language and culture in both the Basque Country and America. She is asisted by Teresa Uranga Ryska. Their goal for the group is to give the children pride and knowledge of their Basque culture through dance. Gloria hopes that through dancing they will gain an interest in the many aspects of Basque culture, history and language. "This interest for me has become a lifelong learning process and I hope this is passed on to other", she says.<br><br> The group practices weekly at the Catholic Church hall, from September to April. Members are of a young age but when they are old enough some of the dancers continue with the Oinkaris in Boise. They annually perform at Caldwell&#8217;s Homecoming, they have also danced at Boise&#8217;s Jaialdi as well as at other community events.