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Pierre Escoz Designer San Juan Capistrano California United States (USA)

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San Juan Capistrano
United States (USA)
(602) 494-8088
Born in Buffalo, Wyoming, from a very young age Pierre Escoz developed an interest in art and the ability to transfer his creative ideas into design and so he began to put his artistic talents to work for the Basque community at an early age. He designed the logo for the Buffalo Bighorn Basque Club in his early teens and then in 1988 he designed the artwork and T-Shirts for the N.A.B.O. convention held in his home town of Buffalo, Wyoming.<br><br> In 1988 he graduated from High School and went on to attend college at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana where he received a B.A. in Graphic Design and Illustration.<br><br> After his graduation from college Escoz began work as a professional Graphic Designer first in Sheridan, Wyoming then in Missoula, Montana and finally settling down in Phoenix, Arizona for five years. Much of his early design career involved T-Shirt designs and the first company he worked for in Arizona was a large T-Shirt design company for the Southwest tourist market.<br><br> He has designed T-Shirts for many Basque events over the years such as Renoko Aste Nagusia Basque Cultural Week & NABO Convention in Reno, Nevada in 1999, Jaialdi 2000 in Boise, Idaho, and many designs for his hometown Basque group in Buffalo, Wyoming.<br><br> After two years of designing T-Shirts Pierre Escoz took advantage of an opportunity to go to work for AlliedSignal, an International Aerospace company based in Phoenix, Arizona. He began work there as a Technical Illustrator and spent most of his time designing marketing products for advanced technology aerospace products. AlliedSignal soon after became Honeywell International through a joint merger of the two aerospace giants. Escoz's career began to make a transition to Web Development and design while working for Honeywell.<br><br> He quickly became the "Web Guy" within his department and began to design internal web sites for Honeywell Aerospace divisions and also began training some of his co-workers to help him respond to the increased needs of an Internet world. He received several awards within the company for his website development and he then was offered a job working for Corporate Honeywell as a full-time Web Developer/Designer. His career at Corporate Honeywell was short lived and his entire department was laid off because of an impending GE/Honeywell acquisition in January of 2001.<br><br> Five members of his Honeywell Corporate Web team were offered jobs in San Juan Capistrano working for a new Internet company called WorkWell where he started working employed as a Software Engineer in website development. His role with WorkWell involved Graphic Design, programming in ASP, Java, JavaScript, HTML and more.<br><br> He enjoys working with new computer technology and utilizing the state of the art tools and resources we have available to us today.