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Basque Girl's Club Boise Idaho United States (USA)

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601 Grove Street
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United States (USA)
This is a historic group of Boise, created in September, 1936 and made up of first generation Basque women born in Boise. It has been instrumental in Boise&#8217;s Basque community. At one time there were as many as 33 members but nowadays they are less than ten.<br><br> Created by Juanita Ormaechea and other women, they have been front line cooks and supporters in the many activities of Basques in Boise. Among those activities, they&#8217;ve had fundraisers to build Euskal Etxea (the Basque House) and to carry out Basque projects. They have also visited the sick, organized dinners, cooked here and there, sewn, written letters to Basque soldiers in the military, help the Red Cross and they are credited with originating the November Basque Bazaar in Boise.<br><br> They used to meet once a week, at member&#8217;s houses, to make plans and to give their necessary support to Boise&#8217;s Basque activities. Nowadays newer Basque organizations of Boise have taken their place, for example the group Aiztan Artean. They still hold meetings, always at a member&#8217;s house. The nine remaining members are Connie Aldape, Julie Abraham, Anes Mendiola, Rose Murelaga, Maite Arregui, Maty Larrondo, Vicky Alonso, Petra Cengoitia and Celestina Arana. All of them born in Boise and they are all Basque speakers.