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Information about programmes and organisations which offer advice on housing in the Basque Autonomous Community, the Regional Community of Nafarroa and Iparralde.
Basque Autonomous Community

Etxebide Information Portal

The Department of Housing and Social affairs of the Basque Government supports the promotion of Subsidised Housing and carries out many initiatives and programmes.

To get all the details on the programmes and requirements which are required in order to benefit from them you can contact via the following:

  • The Etxebide portal. Where you will have the possibility of accessing the Application Form.
  • The Basque Government provides the number 012 to attend to the public, where you can find out about Etxebide and the actions of the Department of Housing and Social Affairs.
  • E-mail: etxebide@ej-gv.es

BIZIGUNE Programme – Renting accommodation

To access this accommodation you must have registered with Etxebide and indicated on the inscription form that you wish to participate in the programme to rent empty accommodation.

Even if you obtain accommodation in this way, you will still be on the Etxebide register and eligible for the options to buy subsidised housing and rent council housing. To access accommodation in the Bizibide programme you must meet the following requirements:

  • To not own your own home for two years prior to the award date.
  • To be registered as living in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, for at least one year.
  • Annual income between a minimum of 3,000 Euros and a maximum of 33,100 Euros. The payment of the monthly rent will be fair and proportional. The maximum rent to be paid will never be greater than 30% of the income of the person or cohabitation unit.
  • The renting of the housing will be for a maximum period of 5 years.

If you are interested and you are not on Etxebide's list, you can register by calling the telephone number 012. You can also go to the Housing Delegations or the collaborating bodies (Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa, Kutxa, Caja Vital Kutxa and Caja Laboral).

Grants to purchase used free housing
This programme helps the acquisition of used free housing for use as regular, permanent residence.

Grants to purchase subsidised housing

To help with the purchase of subsidised housing.

National Agency for reports on housing
Information on the National Agency for reports on housing, non-profit organisation, which operates under the protection of the Ministry of Housing, of the representatives of the trade unions of construction professionals or of estate agents and of various consumer associations.

Valid information about conditions of award
Grants for the acquisition of subsidised housing in Nafarroa.