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General Presentation of Euskal Herria

This is a general presentation of Euskal Herria, which includes short texts, images, references to other documents within this site and links to external sites with specific information for a more in-depth look into each subject.

Euskal Herria or Vasconia is the name given to a European cultural area or region, situated on both sides of the Pyrenees which is composed of territories from both the Spanish and French states. Therefore, Euskal Herria or Vasconia is known as the area in which the Basque culture is apparent in all its dimensions (see map).

The northern part of the Pyrenees (commonly known as Iparralde) is composed of Lapurdi, Nafarroa Beherea and Zuberoa, territories which in the French administrative organisation are part of the Department of the Atlantic Pyrenees.

The southern area (known as Hegoalde) is composed of Nafarroa, Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, where Nafarroa forms the Regional Community of Nafarroa and the last three make up the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.

Euskal Herria or Vasconia covers a surface area of 20,664 km², and has a total population of around 3 million inhabitants.

Euskal Herria or Vasconia is limited to the north by the Cantabrian Sea, to the northeast by the French Department of Les Landes and to the east by the French region of Bearn. The other limits of the territory of Euskal Herria are bordered by the following Spanish autonomous communities: to the west by Cantabria and Castile-León, to the south by Castile-León, La Rioja and Aragon, and to the east with Aragon.

Map: Copyright © Belén Moreno