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2008-12-29 13:33
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Kenny Ching

Kenny Ching:"I just let all the elements swirl together and my imagination formed a narrative of sorts, and out came Eve in Donostia"

Kenny Ching, the winner of EuskoSare´s Short Story contest, is a lawyer and keen writer who lives in Nevada. He lived in San Sebastian some years ago; memories from that period encouraged him to write "Eve in Donostia".

Could you tell us who you are? Our audience is dying to know who the Short Story contest winner is this year.
My name is Kenny Ching.  I'm 30 years old.  I'm married to a public interest lawyer.  I live in Reno, Nevada.  I'm a lawyer and amateur writer.

Do you write often?
Yes.  I've been writing a lot since I was 17, but I wrote stories even before that.  I've written almost everything and published short stories, poems, and essays.  I've written four novels but haven't been able to publish in that genre yet.  I'm currently writing a memoir about high school.  You can see more of my work at my website:

How did you come up with "Eve in Donostia"?
When I reflect on the time I lived in Donostia, I'm struck by a deep, beautiful melancholy.  And for me several images from Donostia
accompany that feeling: gray skies and ocean, the sandy beaches deserted in the winter, the Jesus Mountain, the long promenades, Parte
Vieja.  The Jesus Mountain actually didn't make the final edit, but that image (and I know that in real life the statue on that mountain isn't actually Jesus) made me think of the story of Adam and Eve being cast out of the Garden of Eden, which, I think is a feeling we all know, that is, wanting something better than this life has to offer. Also there were events in my life happening at that time that bear resemblance to the events in the story.  There was no literal Genevieve or Sarah, but something like what happens in the story did occur - of course what actually happened is compressed and stylized for effect.  So I just let all of those elements swirl together and my imagination formed a narrative of sorts, and out came Eve in Donostia.

Did you get together with someone called Genevieve in Donostia, as the story describes?
No.  My stories are almost always inspired by things from my life, but the actual people and events in the story are fictional.

Your surname sounds Chinese, what connection do you have with the Basque world?
It is Chinese, though I was once asked if it was Mexican (true story).  My home, Reno, Nevada, has a large Basque population for reasons that are beyond my knowledge except that I think it has something to do with shepherding.  But the University of Nevada, where I studied
journalism, has a Basque studies program.  Through it, I spent the Winter/Spring of 2000 in Donostia.

How did you find out about the EuskoSare Short Story contest and why did you decide to take part?
A friend sent me the information.  At first I thought I didn't have anything to say about the Basque Country because it's a place with such a distinct identity and I was only a short-term visitor there. But then as I thought about it, I realized there was a story I wanted to tell.

It seems Santa has made an early appearance in your case, what will you do with the prize money?
Probably pay off some of the coffees and lattes I've drank while writing.


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Is this a short story? You sure? The judges asleep at the switch?