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Families on the Internet

Basque family websites

Frequently asked questions about the Basques

The most frequently asked questions about the Basques and their culture.

How to learn Euskara through the Internet

To learn Basque it is not necessary to leave your home. There are numerous offers available on the Internet. Several options allow you to learn the language according to the level of knowledge you have, the methodology you wish to use and the investment you can make.

Basque Language Resources on the Internet

There are many resources on the web for those who have demands related to the language: on-line dictionaries, terminology, translators and informative texts on the language, among other options.; the popular genealogy tree

‘, Genealogy 2.0’ has been conceived with the aim of creating a family social network. It’s so easy to use, you don’t even need to register. The second you enter your name, your tree will begin to grow. You can then add your parents, brothers, cousins, and so on, and the branches will keep on growing.

Genealogy Investigation Service

Eusko Ikaskuntza – The Basque Studies Society provides the opportunity to learn about your origins through its Genealogy Investigation Service.

Internet Heraldry and Genealogy Course

The Eusko Ikaskuntza Asmoz Foundation offers a practical Heraldry and Genealogy Course online. This course is for those who are interested in these disciplines although they know little about them.

¿Cómo investigar mi genealogía vasca en Argentina?

Este documento es una introducción a la investigación genealógica sobre vascos en Argentina. Presenta muy brevemente las herramientas básicas para una investigación genealógica en este país. Está destinado a los descendientes de vascos que buscan investigar por sus propios medios su genelogía e historia familiar. Se detallan las principales fuentes de información y otros datos para orientar la investigación.

Are you looking for family members in Euskal Herria or the Diaspora, or are you trying to learn more about your genealogy?

In this feature of EuskoSare, the help of the network is used for the reuniting of families and genealogical investigation, based on the solidarity between Basques of the world and the assistance of institutions that offer free services or professional services at a cost.

General Services (free)

  • Surname search. This is a basic tool, furnished by several institutions, which allows you to access first hand information about Basque surnames. From the results you can extend the data by contacting each of the institutions.
  • Connect me with people who share my surname. This EuskoSare tool—which can be found in the same section—allows for people of the same surname to establish contact throughout the world, through the EuskoSare network. This way, you can find family members or people who can help you with your search.
  • Classified Ads: Bulletin Board. The bulletin board service of EuskoSare includes a specific section dedicated to people and family data searches. We highly recommend this tool.

General Services (for a fee)


  • Eusko Ikaskuntza Genealogical Investigation Service. Eusko Ikaskuntza—Society of Basque Studies offers a professional service for genealogical investigation, through which you can count on first rate assistance with your search.
  • Montejasso’s Geneology Service. Montejasso is a History and Geneology consulting firm in São Paulo (Brasil) specializing in consulting and documenting family trees, last name origin research, coat of arms, and transcribing historical documents.
  • The Basque Geneology Home Page. Susan and Fernando Ybarra offer a variety of services for those interested in researching their last name and Coat of Arms.

Specific Services for the Search of Family Members in Euskal Herria:

  • Euskal Argentina Association. If you’re searching for family in Iparralde (north Basque Country, Continental Basque Country, or "French Basque Country"), the Euskal Argentina Association (free service) helps Basque descendants searching for their family roots or unknown family members in this part of the country. You can contact this association, member of the EuskoSare network through their website at:
  • "Généalogie et Histoire des Familles—Pays Basque et Adour Maritime" Association (Geneology and History of Families—Basque Country). In Iparralde, this association also exists, which can be a means for investigations in this part of the country:
  • For searches in Hegoalde (southern Basque Country, Peninsular Basque Country, which includes Navarra, Alava, Bizkaia and Guipuzkoa) EuskoSare is contacting organizations from this part of the country so they can participate in this offer in the near future.

Specific Services for the Search of Family Members in the Diaspora:

  • Virtual Communities. In the virtual communities of EuskoSare you can find first hand help for your family member searches. The members of the communities help each other to find references, search for data, contact local Basque institutions, etc.
  • Basque Institutions Throughout the World. If you know the zone where the person or family you are searching for settled, you can ask for assistance from the closest Basque institution. You may write to any of these Basque institutions from the Basque Institutions of the World Database in EuskoSare.
  • Classified Ads: Bulletin Board Service. We highly recommend that you post an ad in the Bulletin Board Service of EuskoSare, which will allow you to reach many people throughout the world who could help you. There is a specific category for searches of people or families.

Other Specific Resources:

  • Surname Navigator Search Engine. This is a tool that searches for information amongst several databases on the internet: Mormon Database, Google Genealogy, Google News Genealogy, Google Press, Rootsweb, Geneanet, Cementary Databases,, Author Profiles on Usenet, Member Directory on MSN, Gencircles, Global Tree, and Genealogy Locator.
  • Basque-Genealogy Virtual Community. This community strives to be a place where Basques of the world can share information about genealogy and help each other in the search for their ancestors. It has more than 1,000 members and the official languages are: Euskara, English, Spanish, and French.
  • Genea64 Virtual Community. This is a virtual community dedicated to the genealogy in Iparralde and Bearn (France). It has several hundred members and the official language is French.