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'La Côte Basque' Basque Restaurant New York United States (USA)

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60 West 55th Street
New York
Town code
New York
United States (USA)
(212) 688-6525
(212) 758-3361
La Côte Basque was created by Henri Soulet, a Basque chef from Biarritz. Soulet arrived in New York in 1939 to be in charge of the restaurant at the French pavilion during the World's Fair. Thanks to his tremendous success he was given the opportunity to stay after which he established two restaurants Le Pavillon and La Côte Basque.<br><br> Soulet created a cooking school in New York and many famous chefs claim his as their mentors. After a time he left Le Pavillon and continued with La Côte Basque until his death in 1966. Following his death, the restaurant closing and re-opening, La Côte Basque still maintains its high class name.<br><br> Some of its dishes: Terrine de Foie Gras, Salade de Crabe et Homard, Les Quenelles de Brochet Nantua, Black Bass Basquaise au Prosciutto, Mignonettes de Boeuf Bordelaise, La Poularde Rotie a l'Estragon, Les Cotes d'Agneau Grilles Bouquetires, Rognons de Veau a La Moutarde, Terrine de Legumes au Fromage Blanc, Beluga Caviar, Escargots Meridionale...