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Living to study in Euskal Herria

List of the documentation required to reside to study in Euskal Herria.
1.Validation of qualifications

Royal Decree 285/2004, of 20th February, which regulates the conditions of approval and validation of qualifications and foreign studies of higher education.

Initiation of the procedure

  • The procedure will start via application by the interested party, sent to head of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, presented in any of the places established in article 38 of Law 30/1992, of 26th November, of the Legal System of the Public Administrations and the Common Administrative Procedure.
  • By order of the Minister for Education, Culture and Sports they will determine the standard models for application, the documentation which justifies the contents of the application and the requirements which must be met by the documents required to start the procedure.

Criteria for the approval

The resolutions on approvals of foreign qualifications will be adopted by examining the training acquired by the student and taking into account the following:

a) The correspondence between the academic levels required for the access to the studies which lead to obtaining the foreign qualification and for access to the Spanish qualification.

b) The duration and hours spent during the period of training required to obtain the foreign qualification which is to be approved.

c) The correspondence between the academic levels of the foreign qualification and the Spanish qualification to which the approval is requested.

d) The educational contents passed to obtain the foreign qualification.

For approval to a Spanish degree qualification, architect or engineer, the foreign qualification must enable access to postgraduate studies in the country of origin.

When the education corresponding to the Spanish qualification is harmonised in virtue of community directives, the approval will demand the requirements contemplated in the respective directives to be met


The approval of qualifications obtained according to foreign educational systems cannot be awarded with regard to:

a) The own qualifications and diplomas that the universities teach in accordance with article 34.3 of Organic Law 6/2001, of 21st December, of Universities.

b) The Spanish qualifications whose study plans have expired or which have not yet been fully introduced in at least one Spanish university.

The following foreign qualifications or studies will not be the object of approval or validation:

a) Those which have no official academic validity in the country of origin.

b) Those which correspond to foreign studies entirely or partly in Spain when the centres do not have the compulsory authorisation to impart the courses, or when the courses sanctioned by the foreign qualification whose approval is requested are not effectively introduced in the foreign higher education university or institution at the time when the qualification was issued, in accordance with what is indicated in article 86 of Organic Law 6/2001, of 21st December, for Universities. Nevertheless, when these circumstances only affect part of the studies completed, the partial studies which do not incur in them will be eligible for validation, if appropriate.

c) The qualifications which have been approved in Spain or the studies passed to obtain them which have already been validated in order to continue studies in Spain.

Approval cannot be granted to a Spanish postgraduate qualification when the interested party does not already hold the Spanish qualification of Graduate, Engineer, Architect or equivalent, or of the approved foreign qualification corresponding.

Documentation required to register in the universities

University of the Basque Country - Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

Students who have completed their studies abroad who wish to access the official qualifications of the University of the Basque Country/EHU must meet the academic requirements for access to Spanish university studies and request the place via the general admission system:

a) For students without university studies: - With pre-university studies which require an entrance exam: º Validation of foreign secondary studies to the equivalent of Spanish Baccalaureate and COU. º Passing the University entrance exam (Selectividad). º Requesting a place via the pre-inscription systems (If Selectividad has not been passed and they have obtained the validation of secondary studies to the corresponding Spanish COU studies, it is only possible to request admission to mid-level university studies and taking into account that those students which have passed Selectividad will have preference for admission in the requested course). - With pre-university students with direct admission: º Validation of the foreign studies of Vocational Training to the equivalent Spanish qualification. º Requesting a place via the pre-inscription systems. (It is only possible to request the university studies which correspond to the branch or speciality validated) b) For students who have started official studies in another country, but they have not completed them and they wish to continue them: - These students will request admission in the second half of September at the Secretary’s office of the Centres where they want to register. – The student will make this transfer request without prejudice to the possibility of participating in the general pre-inscription process for any of the remaining modalities. c) For students with official university qualifications obtained in Foreign Universities. – Approving the foreign university qualification to the Spanish equivalent. – Requesting a place via the pre-inscription systems.

University of Deusto - Deustuko Unibertsitatea

  • Students who come with Agreements to the University of Deusto (International Relations).
  • Students who come without Agreements. Visiting Students.
  • Students with previous entrance studies completed abroad (COU or equivalent).
  • Students with university studies in progress abroad (partial validation of studies).
  • Students with university studies completed abroad (Approval of studies).

Tecnun University
Admission of foreign students to first year
Admission of foreign students to Higher Years

University of Nafarroa

Public University of Nafarroa

University of Bordeaux

University of Pau and the Países del Adour

Mondragonko Universitatea

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