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EuskoSare Community Rules

EuskoSare provides its users with a place to meet, interact and share ideas, contents, services and resources with other users. As in a real community, you may express your own opinions within a framework of peaceful coexistence and, as in the real world, you must accept different norms of use or even, legal restrictions to participation.

Partaking and belonging to the EuskoSare community shall be more satisfying for everyone if all users respect certain basic rules that will ensure harmony:

  • Please use the site in a correct and diligent manner by respecting the Legal Disclaimer and the Particular Terms of Use for EuskoSare you agreed to abide by when registering as a user.
  • Do not harass, slander, bother, insult, or threat other users and third parties; do not mislead nor provoke others in any direct or underhanded way.
  • Do not publish content nor send messages that imply discrimination or violence based on sex, race, religion, beliefs, age, disabilities; do not infringe on published content or messages that are based on someone's honor, self image and freedom of speech.
  • Do not publish obscene or reprehensible content under any circumstances.
  • Do not publish contents that infringe on other people’s legal rights, such as defamatory material or use contents protected by authorship rights without previously obtaining permission from its rightful owner.
  • Abstain from using e-mail services or communities to conduct activities contrary to the law, morals or accepted behavior and/or for illegal, prohibited aims or that can impair the rights or interests of a third party.
  • Abstain from using the e-mail services or communities for commerce or publicity.
  • Respect ideological diversity, democratic ideals and the opinions of others. EuskoSare promotes freedom of expression and rejects the promotion of violence in all its forms.
  • Do not use the site nor the communities to disseminate information in order to debate the subject of political parties that are related to the Basque Country or other countries.  EuskoSare discusses organizational matters that cover cultural, social, and economic aspects; issues related to international relations and other topics that are linked to obtaining peace as well as others that might have political implications but that do not in any way favor a particular political party.
  • Send messages to email lists and communities that correspond to the subject under discussion. Do not send, under any circumstance, messages that do not relate to the topics of interest to the members of the e-mail list or the community (if members wish to discuss issues not related to the topics being discussed they must send each other private messages). Do not send messages for a single recipient through the e-mail list.
  • Do not send or forward messages indiscriminately. Do not forward chain letters nor unsolicited e-mails.
  • Avoid the sending of messages with attached documents at all costs – especially executable docs- due to their size and the possibility of propagating computer viruses. If necessary, offer such documents to other users and send them via private email to those who request it.

The infringement of these rules can result in the elimination, without prior notice, of your Registration as a User of EuskoSare and of any information or services related to it, including, but not limited to lists, profiles and subscriptions to content.