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Who we are

EuskoSare is a project of Eusko Ikaskuntza - The Basque Studies Society, developed through its Euskomedia Foundation.

Eusko Ikaskuntza. Palacio Miramar. Miraconcha, 48. 20007 Donostia.
Inscribed in the Associations Register with reference AS/G/03004/1991
Fiscal Identification Number G-20408639
Tel.: +34 943 310855 / Fax: +34 943 213956

Eusko Ikaskuntza - Basque Studies Society, EI-BSS is a private scientific - cultural entity, founded in 1918 by the Statutory Diputations of Alava, Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa and Navarre, as a stable and permanent instrument for the development of Basque culture. EI-BSS is composed of its members, who are all over the world, grouped in Scientific Sections.

EI-BSS is the only scientific multidiscipline entity that is officially established in the Basque Autonomous Community, in the Statutory Community of Navarre as well as in the continental Basque Country.

Throughout its history it has always followed:

  • Multidiscipline approach: 15 Scientific criteria [more]
  • Criteria of Flexibility: A lightweight management structure
  • Multi-territorial criteria: In all regions
  • Capacity of agglutination: Multi-institutional collaboration by Public Institutions
  • Multi-professionalism: Academics, professionals, scholars...


A passionate love for a multicultural and solidary Vasconia; a commitment with science and culture; ideological diversity; respect and dialogue; innovation and progress; support for the Basque language.

Mission statement

EI-BSS, as a cultural - scientific entity and meeting-point, studies, researches and disseminates knowledge of and/or from Vasconia, to impulse its progress and boost social cohesion and shared identities.

Its objectives are the reinforcement of the traditional values of Basque culture, cultural elevation and dissemination, and the creation of new values that benefit people who live in culturally Basque areas.

EI-BSS’s activities are determined by certain characteristics that are derived from its bylaws:

  • Anticipation: To analyse current deficiencies and social challenges
  • Studies and innovation: To generate a social debate that contributes to decision-making
  • Integration: Of civil society
  • Dissemination: Of its reflections, studies and research to the whole of society
  • Difusión: De sus reflexiones, estudios e investigación al conjunto de la sociedad
  • Promotion: To compensate deficits in scientific and cultural infrastructures


EI-BSS has three Foundations within its structure: Asmoz Fundazioa, Euskomedia Fundazioa and Barandiaran Fundazioa. Each of them has its own website where there is more information on their nature and activities.