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Esther Aznar de Solabarrieta


Esther Aznar, 79, died yesterday in Ondarroa, Biscay. She was president of Emakume Abertzale Batza in Venezuela, and daughter of the councilman of Bilbao and first minister of Industry of the Basque Government, Santiago Aznar, besides mother of Maria Esther Solabarrieta, former member of the Government (Aldundia) of Biscay and current member of the municipal council of Ondarroa.

Esther Aznar's story mixes the consequences of the Spanish Civil War with a deep Basque patriotism. Esther, together with her brother Santi, was one of the Basque children of the war evacuated in the ship Havana to England in 1937. Once coming back to her parents, the family had to go into exile leaving in 1940 Marseilles with the ministers of the Basque Government Telesforo de Monzon and Gonzalo Nardiz, and congressman Julio Jauregi. Until 1945 the family lived in Mexico, but travelling to New York, where lehendakari Aguirre was.

Esther Aznar lived in Venezuela until five years ago. There she was president of Emakume Abertzale Batza. Her funeral will be this Saturday in Ondarroa's church. Goian bego.