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Administrative and political regimes

The most important difference is found between the regimes of Spain and France. Spain is a decentralised state, whilst France is characterised by its centralism.

In this context, the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country and the Regional Community of Nafarroa have legislative and ejective powers in the powers transferred by the central Spanish Government.

The provinces of Iparralde, on the other hand, do not enjoy the same autonomy, and therefore, the power is concentrated in Paris, in the central French Government. The Regional Council of Aquitaine has executive competence, but has no legislative competence.

The Prefecture represents the State in the Department of the Atlantic Pyrenees. For the district of Bayonne there is a sub-prefecture, where the delegates of the Prefect are located.

On the other hand, the historical territories of Araba, Bizkaia, and Gipuzkoa have preserved their provincial organisation and privative self-governing institutions.

Autonomous Community of the Basque Country

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Prefecture of the Department of the Atlantic Pyrenees