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Particular Terms of Use for EuskoSare

Particular Terms of Use for EuskoSare.

These terms establish the conditions of access to and use of the services offered in the EUSKOSARE PORTAL of the EUSKO IKASKUNTZA initiative (henceforward EI/BSS). Mere access to the PORTAL, as also the use of the incorporated services therein, attributes the condition of USER to the visitor. This condition of USER necessarily implies previous acceptance and full and unreserved conformity with the present BASIC NORMS of USE that also include the terms included in the LEGAL DISCLAIMER of the PORTAL: Terms of use of the EUSKOSARE PORTAL, Intellectual Property Disclaimer of the EUSKOSARE PORTAL, Privacy Policy of the EUSKOSARE PORTAL, and any other particular conditions of use if they exist . It is understood that access and use of the services of the PORTAL, in any case, depend on the strict fulfilment by the USER of the conditions included in the present Terms of Use. EI/BSS, apart from exercising any legal action that may correspond, reserves the right, at its discretion, to deny access and withdraw, suspend and/or block access, without previous notice, to the PORTAL, to the contents and services therein, to those users who do not fulfil the norms of use and other legal disclaimers, guidelines and/or legal terms that are to be applied:

1. User Register

1.1. All users may freely accede to the PORTAL. In order to accede to determined e-services offered, the user only needs to register in the corresponding forms including his/her identity and accepting the terms of use

1.2. Only adults may qualify as registered users.

2 . E-Services. In accordance with the objectives of the PORTAL, Internet services may be restricted according to the circumstances.

  • The PORTAL assumes no obligation to control the use by the users of the services and contents therein. However, the PORTAL informs users that, whenever deemed appropriate, in a random manner and without previous notice, the PORTAL may control and monitor the services and contents that are developed within the PORTAL

3. Activities and Contents

3.1. The user commits him or herself not to use the PORTAL to carry out any activities that are contrary to the law, to accepted public policy or morality or to the established public order or with illicit or damaging purposes or effects for the rights and interests of third parties .

3.2. Therefore, EI/BSS explicitly forbids the use of the PORTAL for:

· Acceding to websites that may contain messages of pornographic and/or explicit sexual content; that are against the protection of childhood and youth; that induce, incite or promote any kind of: (a) discriminatory and/or violent action for reasons of sex, race, religion, belief, age, condition and/or discapacity, (b) criminal, denigrating, libelling and/or violent action.

· acceding to websites and/or contents: that contain viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to destroy, block or limit the functioning of any computer program, equipment or system; that attempt against, invade and/or damage the intimacy of third parties; that infringe upon intellectual and industrial property rights and any other third-party property of personality rights.

3.3. Likewise, the user will refrain from using the contents and/or services in a manner that could damage, render useless, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of the contents and/or services provided by the PORTAL.

4. Personal data. In fulfilment of the Spanish legislation in force on the protection of personal data, EI/BSS informs the user that his/her personal data are subjected to computer treatment with the purpose of managing access to the PORTAL and services therein. The user hereby expresses his/her express and clear consent to having such data automatically processed and to the Privacy policy of the EI/BSS EUSKOSARE PORTAL, which the user hereby declares he/she has read before being supplied such services or contents . Likewise, EI/BSS informs users that they can exercise their rights of access, , rectification, cancellation and opposition by contacting the person responsible by e-mail: or by regular post at the EI/BSS address Palacio de Miramar, Miraconcha 48, 20007 Donostia – San Sebastián, Spain.

5 New Norms. EI/BSS reserves the right to substitute at any time both the Basic Terms of Use and any legal disclaimers, guidelines and/or general terms of use reflected in the PORTAL and in the services offered and that, depending on the cases, EI/BSS may complete and/or substitute these Terms of Use. New Norms will be of immediate application from the moment they are at the disposal of the users. For this reason, EI/BSS suggests you periodically read the Terms of Use.