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Privacy Policy

WELCOME to the EUSKO IKASKUNTZA / BASQUE STUDIES SOCIETY (henceforward EI/BSS) Privacy Policy. EI/BSS is committed to respect users’ privacy.

Our "Privacy Policy" is based on current Spanish legislation on the protection of personal data. This general policy is applied to the EI/BSS PORTAL in the "" dominion.
EI/BSS thanks you for reading its privacy policy which has been drafted to inform you of the following aspects:

1. Personal data requested in the PORTAL

2. Use and dissemination of personal data

3. Treatment by EI/BSS of economic-financial data

4. Other relevant information on privacy

4.1. The PORTAL uses cookies

4.2. The PORTAL and IP addresses

4.3. Security measures

4.4. Hyperlinks to third parties

5. Contact with the person in charge of applying the privacy policy

This Privacy Policy is governed by the content of the current Spanish legislation on Personal Data Protection. In any case, the PORTAL reserves the right to modify the present policy. It is therefore recommendable to read this policy regularly and periodically.


1.1. Even though, as a user, you may move around the PORTAL without facilitating any information on yourself, there are certain cases in which personal data are necessary to provide you with the e-services and/or e-contents you request.

1.2. The e-services and/or e-contents that exist or will exist in the PORTAL are as follows:

Services of Information and Training.- these are the services of the PORTAL that provide the users, the media, corporations, and administrations, informative contents of various kinds by means of easy and effective access increasing the comprehension and transparency of the activities carried out by EI/BSS .

Interactive communication services.- these are services with the purpose of optimising contacts amongst the USERS participating in the activities and services of EI/BSS


2.1. If you are a user (natural person) that registers into any of the aforementioned e-services, EI/BSS informs you that your personal data is treated automatically with the purpose of carrying out information tasks and also to maintain and manage the relationship that links us with you (the user).

2.2. If and when you do not wish to receive additional information on the e-contents and e-services of EI/BSS, you may communicate your wish to the person responsible for personal data by email ( or by conventional post to EI/BSS (Palacio de Miramar, Miraconcha, 48, 20007 Donostia - San Sebastian, Spain) expressly indicating: I DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE UPDATES ON ADDITIONAL E-SERVICES OR E-CONTENTS.

2.3. Likewise, each time the PORTAL gathers data, it will include a link to this document.

2.4. In general terms, your personal data will not be given out to a third party unless you explicitly authorise such action or unless such action is legally allowed.


3.1. EI/BSS, does not gather economic-financial data from its users by means of the PORTAL.

3.2. When the PORTAL requests your credit card number to carry out online payments, the PORTAL does so through a secure server belonging to the banking entity that guarantees an encoded transfer of data. The banking entity gathers your credit card data and only informs EI/BSS about your credit availability, but not on your credit card data.


Your rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition.- In accordance with the legislation in force on protection of personal data, you may exercise your rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition with respect to your personal data by contacting the person responsible for the protection of personal data at the following email address ( or by post [Palacio de Miramar. Miraconcha 48, 20007 Donostia - San Sebastián, Spain].

4.1. THE PORTAL USES COOKIES Cookies (codes the webserver sends to your browser and which are stored in your computer hard drive for identification purposes) are used by the PORTAL with the purpose of monitoring the behaviour of users and auditing the frequency of hits in the PORTAL. If you wish to block the use of cookies, please consult the documentation on blocking cookies in the browser you habitually use.

4.2. THE PORTAL and IP addresses.- IP addresses are a series of numbers automatically assigned to the user’s computer when registering with an internet provider by means of the provider’s LAN or WAN. The PORTAL collects IP addresses with the purpose of knowing the behaviour of the users and auditing the frequency of hits in the PORTAL. Anonymity is respected. The PORTAL does not create hyperlinks on users’ IP addresses or on any other identifiable information.

4.3. Security measures.- The PORTAL uses set points in order to respect access to data bases used to store and collect your personal data, so that only authorised personnel have access to such information. However, the PORTAL informs that it is difficult to guarantee 100% the security of data transmitted through the Internet, and this is why the PORTAL does not guarantee the security of your data transmitted directly or through e-services. As from the reception of such data, EI/BSS will make every effort to guarantee state-of-the-art security for your data.

4.4. Hyperlinks to third parties.- The PORTAL may offer hyperlinks to third parties. El EI/BSS does not exercise any kind of control whatsoever on such hyperlinks, and for this reason we suggest you read attentively their privacy policies


For any information on the privacy policy of this PORTAL, you may contact the person responsible for the protection of personal data, by email ( or by post at Palacio de Miramar, Miraconcha 48, 20007 Donostia - San Sebastián, Spain.