“Erabili” forum for reflection on use


This year will see the conducting of the Basque Country’s 5th Street Measurement of Basque Use. The data obtained as a result of this measurement are extremely important. They tell us how much Basque is used in an informal sphere like the street in different geographical areas of the Basque Country, according to the variables of age group, sex and many others. As these data are part of a specific sociolinguistic perspective, they are extremely useful for providing an insight into the language normalisation process. We fully appreciate that the data alone will provide no more than a photograph. So our aim then is to use these data for reflection, for forming hypotheses and for helping to identify criteria or directions or areas of work for the future. Thus, a leap will be taken from mere data on language normalisation to data that can be used in the language normalisation process. All this is not expected to be accomplished this year. The plan referred to previously will be divided into two main phases. So, firstly, we will be reflecting on the results we hope to obtain this year from the Basque Country’s 5th Street Measurement of Basque Use. The work on reflecting and analysing the results obtained will be left for next year. The need for this initial reflection goes back a long time. Indeed, it emerged during the symposium we held to examine the data from the 2001 measurement that in the absence of an advance hypothesis, it is difficult to assess the results obtained later. So the different hypotheses and the different criteria, reasons, variables, etc. used to form them should tell us how we should be looking at the next batch of results.