Buruntzaldea Family Programme: methodology, talks and materials


During the 2005-2006 academic year Buruntzaldea Basque Services drew up a “Scheme to impact upon Domestic language”. Its aim was to “impact on families”, so that in some cases Basque would become the language of daily use for couples and families, and in other cases, to enable the language to achieve as great a presence as possible. On the one hand, parents have been offered courses on song, play and stories, and on the other, talks have been organised for parents, and information on the subject has been distributed among them. Reflection has been conducted in a working group, and the language question has been approached with parents in the context of the Ecology of Emotions. The way has been opened up to work in this direction, by renewing the perspective existing so far. The scheme will continue during the 06-07 academic year.