Language competence and use among children and young people in Lezo and Pasaia


At the request of the Basque Language Services of the Town Councils of Pasaia and Lezo (Gipuzkoa), throughout 2006 the language competence of the town’s children and young people has been studied by analysing and describing the deficiencies. Research will also be conducted into the effect these deficiencies have on language use among children and young people. In order to carry out this analysis of competence (and the deficiencies that are detected therein), the “Bilinguality Test” designed by L. Erriondo and X. Isasi back in 1993 will be used as the basis for the research. On the other hand, as far as use is concerned, we shall be using the Lezo Street Measurements of Basque Use (conducted by the SEI in 2001, 2002 and 2004). These data, alongside the contributions of experts and local agents, will be used to produce a document for reflection. Furthermore, observations have been carried out and the data have been processed. Right now the working group of experts is meeting to examine the data gathered. The reports are due to be presented in Lezo and Pasaia in December.