Sociolinguistics Cluster website and newsletter


During the Strategic Reflection Session a clear need emerged to attach importance to communication and to spreading knowledge and results among society: communication, both internally (coordination among members) and externally (users, society, …). In connection with this and taking the resources the Sociolinguistics Cluster currently has at its disposal as the starting point, the basis of this project is to take steps forward in connection with the website and newsletter. Sociolinguistics Newsletter: Once every two months the Sociolinguistics Cluster publishes an electronic newsletter informing about publications, research, initiatives, etc. connected with sociolinguistics. The aim behind this initiative is to open up a useful, electronic window of information for anyone involved in the work to revive the Basque language and in the field of sociolinguistics. Agents and experts interested in sociolinguistics will find much data and useful tools (EDB-Bilinguality Test) on the website of the Sociolinguistics Cluster. The website can be used not only to spread information, but also to foster internal communication. Indeed, the website’s internal section can be used to conduct information exchanges and discussions in the working teams.