“Arrue” project


The Sociolinguistics Cluster is working on the Arrue programme in conjunction with and in response to a request made by the Education Department of the Government of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. It is a line of research that arose out of the context of the Ulibarri programme during the 03-04 academic year and focuses on the factors that impact on the use of Basque by children and young people in the school environment. During the 04-05 academic year data were gathered at the “Barnetegiak” (Centres for Residential Basque Courses), and during the 05-06 academic year among 6th grade Vocational Training students at 50 different colleges. During the 06-07 academic year the aim is, on the one hand, to complement the data already gathered during previous years by conducting more qualitative studies at a number of schools. And, on the other hand, to prepare a publication providing information on the main results obtained so far.